One Guess Who Attacked Paris

How about that Islamophobia? No reason to fear Muslims, right? You think all the countries accepting those “refugees” are considering their options at this point?

France is getting another dose of that multiculturalism that has allowed terrorists to live in their midst. You’d think they would have learned, given Charlie Hebdo.

In what is believed to be six coordinated attacks, there are over 158 confirmed fatalities and over 100 hostages have been taken at a concert hall. The number of fatalities has now risen significantly.


France has sealed its borders and declared a state of emergency, deploying its military to Paris. Why? Because Parisians don’t have guns! Yet, the bad guys, that would the religion of peace gunmen managed to get them, sort of like the bad guys in Chicago, Baltimore, Philly…well, you get the picture.

The gunman reportedly yelled “this is for Syria” as they carried out their carnage, others yelled, Allah Akbar” as they executed the Parisians.

Hillary Clinton can be proud of her foreign policy that has allowed these animals to invade country after country, as can other Liberals. Barack Obama can be proud of his plans to disarm America, making us sitting ducks for his terrorist Islamic pals.

Obama wants us to believe the government can protect us. Well consider that post Charlie Hebdo, France was on HIGH alert. So much for that protection.

Please pray for the people of France. The situation is fluent and changing minute to minute at this time. One thing that never changes is radical Islamists, and the Leftists who support them!

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