Lesson From Paris, Stop The Refugee Resettlement Program

Chickens coming home to roost doesn’t just apply to America, apparently.

What happened in Paris is a direct result of allowing immigrants from Islamic countries to flow into Europe, unvetted. One of the dead jihadists held a Syrian passport and had just come through Lesvos, Greece just over a month ago, according to an article in The Guardian.  But our State Department wants us to believe all is well, and these “Syrians” are as tame as house cats, when in fact they are lions.

Most Americans realize that left unchecked, Obama is intent on increasing the flood of Islamic immigrants crashes onto our shores. In fact, while we witness the horrifying transformation in Europe, Democrats continue to beseech Obama for more Syrian refugees.


After the events of this weekend, any legislator who advocates for more Islamic refugees should be removed from office for abandoning his oath to protect this country, and I suggest we begin with America’s treasonous Commander In Chief.

In what can only be deem a strategic military action, Obama ushers in more and more terrorists. Brain-dead liberals throw out the welcome mat to this army who wears no uniform. Look where that got France. One has to think that France has had enough multiculturalism to last them awhile.

Here are a few notable quotes from the European leaders who have awakened on the issue of mass immigration:

“If you do not represent the values (of multiculturalism) you are free to leave Germany at any time if you disagree.” German District President, Walter Lubcke

“I think this is an important signal for all of you that already, as President Wulff has said, Islam belongs to Germany.” Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be a part of the throes of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century.”Barbara Learner Spectre, Founder, PAIDEIA (The European Institute for Jewish Studies) Sweden

European leadership is responsible for inviting their own destruction, and Liberals in America mirror their insanity. The policies of Liberals are decided on emotion, and many are quick to act on unfounded sympathy. Refugees do not take “selfies,” or as was recently reported, go to strip bars. Most of these “refugees” are young men, ergo young terrorists in waiting.

I dare say that most of the French people didn’t want the influx of a vastly different culture bent on violence descending on them. However,  the voice of the people is silent to feckless leaders who have an agenda.

The all important vote on funding the UN/US Refugee Resettlement Program is underway, and will go until December 11. There are lobbyists now asking for $1 billion more for this program. Congress holds the purse strings, not Obama.

Direct your anger at your Senators and Congressmen by telling them to cut the money for the program.



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