Don’t Be Fooled: Hillary is Behind This Media Assault on Carson

The mean spirited Left Wing media attacks on Dr. Ben Carson are by no means the result of good investigative reporting. It is a cold, calculated attempt to dislodge Carson from the black vote that Liberal Democrats have had in their pockets since 1960.

In case you haven’t noticed, Hillary Clinton has the mainstream media firmly behind her. Any doubts an educated voter might have should have been erased by the Leftist media’s coverage of Hillary’s testimony before the Benghazi Committee. Hours after Hillary was publicly exposed as a liar, the media proclaimed it as a great victory for her. Yes, a liar who got her people killed, claimed victory, saying essentially, “They knew the dangers!

As for the attacks on Dr. Carson, the forensics are in, and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over this latest high-tech lynching. Hillary learned her lesson about playing the race card when it backfired on her in 2008, when she didn’t read the label, and used it on Obama. Talk about that bomb blowing up in her face, as if you look closely you can still see the powder burns.

The threat of the black man looms heavy in the mind of the Clintons. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Thus the clandestine race card is being played by the media and Hillary Clinton surrogates, as Hillary uses her shiny new gender card.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again: Carson is Hillary’s worst nightmare. Her campaign war room isn’t stupid. They rely on polling and have the numbers at their fingertips. They’ve waited for months for Carson to implode and it isn’t happening. Instead he is rising and now the possibility exists Carson may actually pull it off.

What’s more disturbing to the Hillary campaign is his support among blacks. As columnist Theodore R. Johnson III of the black online publication The Root points out in his article:

“Despite all this, no other Republican candidate for president matches Carson’s ability to attract black voters. And this remains true whether the Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. In fact, the Quinnipiac University poll shows Carson attracting more African Americans in a head-to-head matchup with Clinton than against Sanders (19 percent vs. 16 percent). This is particularly remarkable considering the partisan allegiance African Americans have shown to the Democratic Party for over 50 years and the ties the Clinton family has to black America.”

It is worth noting that in the Quinnipiac poll Carson is also getting 56% of the white vote against Hillary. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary and her campaign don’t know what to make of Carson yet and are panicking. Hillary should read Johnson’s article to understand Carson’s stature in the black community:

“So, what explains Ben Carson’s high marks with black voters? The fact remains that Carson has long been revered in the black community, and his demeanor and spirituality contribute to his high favorability ratings. Further, African Americans are more politically active but are increasingly uninterested in gift wrapping their support to the Democratic Party. And because blacks do not have the affinity for Clinton that they have for Obama, there is room to consider other options.”

Carson has a long way to go and his lack of political correctness could yet hit a snag. The question out there for Hillary is has she miscalculated by prematurely sending her media lapdogs to interview his childhood friends. Truth be known, she’s actually helping him. When it comes to believability, which candidate do you think America will believe?

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