Let Universities Burn: Fallout From Mizzou

I’ll admit it, I’m giddy that college campuses across America are about to get a rude awakening to Liberalism run a muck.

Hooray for the hippies who have indoctrinated America’s youth over the past decade, creating a subculture of pansies who want to work for nothing, but get everything.

So it is at the University of Missouri where 77 percent of the student body is white, thus violating the diversity edict. According to the black students who chose to go there knowing this, that ratio is a problem. And so it will be for MOST “white” colleges.

Anybody see the irony that we still have sanctioned Historically Black Colleges and Universities, known as HBCUs, that are obviously and openly heavily black, save a few “token” whites. Further irony is that black students (Liberals) forego the black experience of these HBCUs in order to attend white colleges, then demand to have the “black experience.”

The experiment is about to explode on Liberals, as STL Today reports that the incident at Mizzou is now cropping up on other campuses:

In the ouster of the University of Missouri’s president, leaders of student groups on other campuses dealing with racial strife see an opening to press their own university administrators for better treatment of black students.

At schools including Michigan and Yale, students say the protests that led to the resignation of Missouri President Tim Wolfe are emboldening them to take a harder line.

“It shows administrations that this is something that they need to take seriously,” said Eshe Sherley, a senior at Yale University, where more than 1,000 people joined a march this week in solidarity with minorities. “It also shows students that the work they’re doing isn’t in vain.”

The issues vary from one campus to another, but many students say there’s a common thread among campuses that can be inhospitable to students from racial minorities. Some are calling for more diversity among faculty and more spending on scholarships for minorities, as well as resources such as cultural centers.

“You can’t just bring students in; you’ve got to have faculty and staff members in key positions and you’ve got to be current,” said Roger Pulliam, senior faculty adviser of the National Black Student Union, based in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Now that “white” colleges and universities are “bring(ing) students in,” it’s their responsibility to make sure that the faculty looks like the students. “Welcome to HELL!” I say to colleges and universities, and it’s about time!

Why hasn’t Affirmative Action taken place in these Liberal bastions of fairness, tolerance, and diversity, aka UTOPIA! It’s certainly worked for America’s companies, hasn’t it?

If you think education sucks now (and it does), just wait until Liberalism is forced to get more liberal! Colleges and universities are pumping out idiots at a rate that would make the Chinese envious. And they are about to increase production, having figured out how to produce the finest idiots in the free world.

This may be exactly what America needs. To have what’s happened to many American corporations happen to colleges: socially engineer themselves out of existence.

When you stop focusing on excellence, you are on the slippery slope to oblivion. Liberals will never see this, until it is they who suffer. Corporations are bastions of Conservatism, or at least they were in the past. They survive only because of the tenacity of the human spirit we know as the American Spirit. But colleges and universities will have no such luck.

HBCUs are losing attendance annually, and not insignificantly so. This is causing black students to seek non-black colleges and universities, but these students are taking their hard-core Liberalism to squishy white colleges. Those “everybody gets a trophy” administrators are at the onset of a revolution of tasting their own medicine.

I’ve got my popcorn and soda, and will just watch the fireworks.



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