Hillary Clinton: Marine Story Worthy of Brian Williams

Who is the heck would believe that Hillary Clinton would have tried to join the Marines?! The story surfaced back in 1994 and was as unproven then as it is today.

I would believe that Hillary Clinton was once a model for Victoria’s Secret, before I believed that Clinton wanted to be a Marine or even thought she could make it!

As is the case in most Hillary Clinton sagas, the narrative was set for the future. Some Leftist wanted America to believe that Hillary Clinton is tough enough to be a Marine, but was denied because she was…anybody…anybody…A WOMAN!


Is this the media setting up the Right? They went after Ben Carson for saying he was offered a “scholarship” to West Point, so why not tantalize us with a bit of red meat laced with cyanide.

At least Carson had been enrolled in an ROTC program at his high school and showed promise for a career in the military. That certainly tracks to a potential appointment to a service academy. But anti-war Hillary Clinton and Marine is as much a conundrum as an 80-year old with a belly-button ring.

According to Hillary’s story, she tried to enlist in the USMC in 1975 (the same year the Vietnam War ended). Amazing life planning, given that Clinton served on the anti-war Presidential campaigns of Eugene J. McCarthy and George McGovern prior to her attempt to enlist.

The story doesn’t make sense, and has all the trappings of Democrat Progressive resume-building.

Recall that in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, Hillary was caught in an outright lie about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996. She was forced to come clean, but only admitting to misspeaking about the incident.

Ironically, it was then candidate Barack Obama’s campaign that pushed the issue and correctly compared it to her untrustworthiness poll numbers at that time, which according to an article in The Telegraph from March 25, 2008:

“Advisers to Mr Obama seized on the issue, which feeds into a existing perception of Mrs Clinton as lacks candour. A Gallup poll last week found that just 44 per cent of Americans considered her ‘honest and trustworthy’, compared to 63 per cent for Mr Obama and 67 per cent for Mr McCain, the Republican nominee.”

The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll shows Hillary’s trustworthiness at 40 percent, the shock being that even 40 percent of the people trust her.

Here is what we know for sure. Hillary Clinton was never a Marine, and Hillary Clinton is definitely a liar.

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