ISIS Has Left the Building

It amazes me how Christians are under attack anywhere in the world. We are peaceful, God-fearing, philanthropic, and humane. That said, we are not perfect, but we aren’t running around the world chopping off heads of “infidels” or gunning down Parisians.

Scant hours before the horrific murder of well over 100 unsuspecting citizens in Paris, President Obama pronounced ISIS was contained.

As the recent incident in Paris suggests, ISIS has left the building; terror has not been contained.

In America we have lone wolves like Major Hasan in Fort Hood, Texas committing “workplace violence,” Faisal Mohammad stabbed several students in Merced, California, and there have been others; yet the administration won’t recognize Islamic terrorism. It is no wonder these thugs slaughter with impunity when our so called leaders won’t identify who the enemy is.

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz summed it up perfectly.

While this president came into office ‘tired’ of war, the terrorist extremists are NOT tired of killing us, the infidels. We as a nation have done next to nothing about the beheading and assassination of Christians around the world.

The Republican presidential candidates have been handed a gift from the tragedy in Paris. There can be little argument at this point about closing our border, and allowing NO Syrian (or Muslim) refugees. Further, the Republicans can go after sanctuary cities, and vie for a strong national military and defense. Finally, the Republicans can officially acknowledge our battle against a Muslim caliphate and Muslim extremism, and BAN Sharia Law. Anything less should disqualify any contender as Commander in Chief.

The tragedy in Paris brings an ancillary benefit, as it should effectively end the candidacy of Democrats who support the Obama appeasement strategy.

In the Democrat debate, the candidates spoke of the outrage of those who would disagree with our ‘universal values’ and how we stand united with France. But the Muslims do not share our universal values, and Democrats offer what they have in endless supply: empty words.

The President and his administration took the opportunity to appear ‘faux feroce’ (i.e. fake tough) against Islamic terror, when the administration announced a kill hit on an ISIS leader in Syria on the same day that over 100 innocent ‘infidels’ were killed in Paris. I’d say for those keeping score: Obama 0, Terrorists 12.

Nevertheless, take heart. ISIS is contained and a video maker somewhere will be thrown in jail.

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