The Latest Comic Book Villains Are Sure To Infuriate Conservatives!

The battle to putrefy young minds is starting earlier and earlier for Liberals, and now Marvel Comics is getting in on the zombification.

In the October 14 edition of “Captain America”, the stars and stripes-clad crime fighter takes on a group known as “Sons of the Serpent,” a militia type group that attempts to stop illegals from crossing the southern border. Sons of the Serpent is a pretty nasty-sounding bunch, and who are they to protect their sovereign border?!

As the evil “serpents” roam the border, they intercept a group of illegals. They accuse the poor helpless illegals of invading the United States to spread disease and crime, take jobs from Americans, and collect welfare.

This is the sinister plot of the Sons of the Serpent? Protecting America’s borders. This plot is tantamount to saying, if somebody is robbing your house, get out and stop being the bad guy. And apparently this would only happen to good homes, since this comic book certainly couldn’t be written about North Korea or Cuba.

“We must protect our borders,” said no Muslim EVER!

As Conservatives, we just go along our days working hard, raising families, and paying for lazy Leftists; we are not mired in pop culture. We simply don’t have the time. That is our Achilles’ heel. We must pay attention to pop culture, no matter how silly and vapid it might be.

It is in pop culture where many subtle and not so subtle messages are fed to kids. All anyone has to do is turn on the TV or computer to see messages like, “Slut Walk.” The recent story about the young girl using her cell phone in class, and refused the teacher and the principal to turn it off. When they finally brought in security, who gets blamed for disciplining the miscreant? The man paid to reign down discipline.

Kids today hit teachers, shoot teachers, shoot cops, and have no respect for their own parents. Why not teach them to not care about the borders, since they don’t seem to care about anything else.

Conservatives are not losing the culture, we are gladly handing it over. Sure, we have a few things that provide a ray of hope now and then, like the success of The Passion of the Christ. But these successes are too few and far between. We are in a spiritual and cultural war, and the war is for the hearts and minds of our children even when they pick up a comic book. Conservatives had better embrace this fact. Because neither Captain America or Superman will not be able to swoop in and save the day.

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