Letter from Mizzou: The Racist Ignorance of Annabel

I received a letter (below) from Annabel, a student the University of Missouri. Since she apparently wanted it public based on tweets I received, and I have provided links to a couple of the tweets referencing her letter, I decided to respond the same.

Further I decided to make my response public, and here is that response.

Thanks for your note, Annabel.

You are more proof of my theory that the typical university education is as worthless as twice-used toilet paper. You and #Concerned Student 1950 showcase quite effectively that the Liberal indoctrination system known erroneously as “higher education” is a failure. I discuss that failure in my book “Race Pimping.” I also discuss the massive amounts of money spent on tolerance and diversity, that spits out ignorant racists at a rate that the most efficient Chinese manufacturers would envy. And yet you people use words like “enlightened” and “tolerant” to describe your obvious racism and utter intolerance.

By now, I know you are confused as to why I inferred that you are an ignorant racist, and perhaps will believe me to be mean-spirited in my summation of you. Nevertheless, I assure you that I’m not being mean-spirited at all, as  I chose those words specifically by focusing on what are to me the key points of your note.

You write (my highlights):

Make no mistake, I am not African American and I will never be able to fully understand their experiences. You, however, are. And instead of spouting ignorance about how they’re overreacting and how nobody will want to hire people who are hyper-sensitive, I implore you to question WHY these individuals felt the need to speak out, which you fail to mention in the news clip.

So let’s examine your words with two bullet points:

  1. You are not black, and you admit to not being able to fully understand the experiences of being black.
  2. You recognize that I am black.

So Annabel, even in your admitted ignorance of “never be able to fully understand their (black people’s) experiences“, you know more than I–a black man 30 years your senior. I can only imagine as you wrote this letter what could be thinking as you crafted your message to me:

Who is this black man who dare think for himself, when there is the black collective? Doesn’t this black man realize that all black people are supposed to think alike?!

Annabel, have you ever asked any of those questions of any other race? Of course not. That is why you are the epitome of the ignorant racist, too obtuse to even recognize your own nescience, ergo, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.

As for #Concerned Student 1950 members, they have no cause. The world can be cruel, and when it is, it doesn’t discriminate. Despite all the money the American taxpayers finance on the absurdity of “kumbaya” at your college, when you oversensitive toddlers graduate, you will be greeted by a world who won’t care about your sensitivities. So the idea that “words hurt” should have been dismissed by the third grade, and the pain of name-calling left on the playground.

#Concerned Student 1950 represents the useful idiots I discuss in my book. You and they are not mentioned by name; but trust me, you are all throughout my book. You and the ethno-centric racist blacks that represent #Concerned Student 1950 and #BlackLivesMatter would love to promote the idea that blacks like me are “not black.” You wrote that we are distancing ourselves from other blacks. You might convince the hapless black rubes that make up that movement of that farce, but I know better.

It is blacks like #Concerned Student 1950 and #BlackLivesMatter who have distanced themselves from true black culture. The true black man and woman make no excuses. In our veins flows the blood of the most resilient people in America, the blood of our forefathers who survived the horrors of slavery and the lack of civil rights at the hands of Democrats.

Blacks like me strive for equal opportunity, not equal outcome, and we are impervious to words. We further recognize that to be an American is to have received a gift from God, and we are one of the reasons America is the greatest country in the world. As a man who has traveled to 22 countries in Africa, I assure you, there is not a single one of them that I would trade for a spoonful of American soil.

Being black is not a crutch; a chance to get something for nothing. Unlike #Concerned Student 1950, blacks like me recognize the millions of amazing black people who contribute positively every day to America. And we will not spit on the contributions of the many amazing blacks who blazed the trail before us.

I’m not sure what prompted you to grab your weapon, and join a battle that is all but finished. Black people in America are capable of fighting our own battles. It is incredulous to me that you believe you should be the champion of black people in the time of a black president. Frankly, if we needed a champion, we deserve a better one than you–a white woman who dares believes she needs to protect people whose ancestors have survived slavery by Democrats, the lack of civil rights by Democrats, and frankly people like you.

Protection by white Liberals has created an ecosystem for blacks in America where when the country sneezes, black America gets pneumonia. For the record, the only enemy of black people in today’s America is the man in the mirror.

So, I suggest you go elsewhere to garner your fifteen seconds of fame. I represent the majority of blacks in America, many of whom are too afraid to speak out against racists like you and #Concerned Student 1950. Of this you can be certain, Annabel: I have no fear of speaking out, and I never will!

One final point, in case you missed it. It is you who is “spouting ignorance.”

A few tweets by people about Annabel Ames letter she sent to me:

Below is Annabel Ames’ letter to me

From: Annabel Ames <email redacted>
Subject: Response to Mizzou comments

Message Body:
Hello Kevin,

My name is Annabel Ames and I am a student at the University of Missouri (“Mizzou”). I watched your commentary about the controversial, emotional, and intense events that have unfolded on my campus this past week. Needless to say, I was shocked at your response.

What was particularly appalling was your insensitivity toward the students on my campus (members of the #ConcernedStudent1950 movement). These are students that have been called ‘niggers’ by their peers, who have been cornered and trapped by grown men in their vehicles, who are taunted for simply walking across campus, who have to listen to white supremacists call them ‘motherfuckers’ on their own campus, who have watched their administration repeatedly ignore their demands for issues of racism to be handled, who make up only 7% of the student body and have few black faculty members to turn to for advice, and who have been made to feel over and over again that they are not valued at this university. But, in your opinion, they have no reason to be upset because they did not experience physical violence. On the FOX News clip, you are insistent that “nobody got hurt”. I’m writing to tell you that you are wrong. People DID get hurt. Words hurt. These are students who were accepted into this university and expected to receive the same education as everyone else, who pay the same tuition as myself only to be verbally harassed, and who simply want to be treated like their lives matter and for their administration to acknowledge that they are human beings. Instead, administration condemned them for “spreading rumors”, for overreacting when anonymous people posted shooting threats toward them on social media, and are being blamed for speaking out by people like yourself who seem desperate to distance themselves from the African American race.

Make no mistake, I am not African American and I will never be able to fully understand their experiences. You, however, are. And instead of spouting ignorance about how they’re overreacting and how nobody will want to hire people who are hyper-sensitive, I implore you to question WHY these individuals felt the need to speak out, which you fail to mention in the news clip. You provide no context as to what happened at Mizzou and no description of the incidents that led up to the hunger strike, and fail to recognize the layers of complexity embedded in this turmoil. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had no knowledge whatsoever as to what happened here.

I don’t expect to get any sort of response from you. Judging from your commentary on this issue, you seem to lack any sort of empathy or compassion for other people. However, I hope you truly consider how you would feel if your fellow employees called you the n-word and then had to listen to your bosses and people like yourself telling you that you’re overreacting. If you do this, then maybe you would be capable of understanding the perspective of the Concerned Student 1950 members and will consider issuing them the apology they deserve from you.

Thank you for your time,

Annabel Ames
<email redacted>
Journalism and English dual-degree at the University of Missouri


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