Millennials: Generation of Pansies

Millennials may be the most studied generation of all time. This isn’t because they are any more special or necessarily controversial, but moreso because there is more ability to do so.

I have spoken with many Millennials who readily admit that they are the most self-indulgent, entitled group ever. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, if they weren’t the biggest whiners ever.


I would be embarrassed to be a Millennial, and I will speak for most of America when I say, black Millennials are the worst.

I know that people say that blacks have it bad in America. Perhaps. But most problems in black America are self-inflicted. Most black Millennials have contributed nothing to America, but are amazing takers. With no investment comes no gain.

These are the people who don’t care about the American Spirit, they don’t stand for the Star Spangled Banner, and essentially say “F America!” Well, F them!

I’d like America to man up, when facing these deviants and miscreants. If their parents won’t teach them, then as Hillary Clinton says, “It takes a village.” The only thing that will change these diaper-wearing crybullies is for you to grow a pair.


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