More Tea, Anyone?

According to Forbes, the Tea Party movement is fading. Or is it? It is certainly not what it once was, but that might just be the perception the Left wants people to believe.

The fact is that the Tea Party is the most talked about movement in politics, even mentioned on popular TV shows like House of Cards. So for a movement that’s “dead,” politicians sure bring it up a lot.

Want to see the influence of the Tea Party, look at Jeb Bush. Bush was all but anointed the Republican candidate for 2016. The GOP parked millions of dollars in Super PACs, only to watch Bush implode. Think that was the work of the Democrats who were equally as anxious to see a Bush/Clinton repeat? The Democrats were too busy running interference for their embattled candidate.

The movement evolved from rallies, where at times hundreds of thousands gathered, to small groups of dozens where the rubber meets the road. What should have been considered the natural drift of interests and concerns, was sold by the media as the death of the Tea Party. Maintaining the rallies and town hall meetings wasn’t feasible, especially when your movement is made up of the people in this country that still have a job they have to go to and aren’t paid by unions and Soros-funded groups to attend. It is also important to remember that the Occupy Wall Street movement started after the Tea Party and faded almost instantaneously. Unlike OWS, the people who made up the bulk of the Tea Party are still here and they are growing again.

The group Tea Party Community may very well represent that resurgence, as the community is a hub for the smaller groups wanting to actually advocate. The group prides itself on true mission-oriented work that doesn’t necessarily involve coddling with politicians or even targeting politicians.

One of the group’s founders Tim Selaty, Sr commented,

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“The Tea Party Community is more about changing the hearts and minds of the people, not politicians. Politicians for the most part are too far gone. It is the people we must get to.”

One of the ways to get to the people is to make the understand the real work of the Tea Party, and not the perception that was given by the media, the Leftists, and even the Republicans.

Talk about a concerted effort to destroy the Tea Party, and it came from all sides. It’s difficult to imagine any movement surviving the onslaught that the Tea Party took. There was the familiar dog whistle that “the Tea Party is racist. Next, the group was labeled “radical.” Now the cry is that the Tea Party is ineffective. I guess that depends on how you measure.

When you look at the presidential race today, the leaders are either total outsiders, or Ted Cruz, who is firmly a result of the Tea Party, and there are no signs of a GOP-backed candidate making a charge, save Marco Rubio, who again is considered a Tea Partier of sorts.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Democrats have all their chips in the center for Obama, the Tea Party would admittedly be the most powerful political movement of our time. And now that there is a place for these groups to coalesce, that power will undoubtedly grow.

The Left would love to kill the Tea Party name. One report I read had the Tea Party approval at 12 percent. Many grassroots organizations intentionally avoid the Tea Party moniker. But there are a staunch group of people who understand that it is the Left who run from their name. They look for cute phrases like “progressive” to describe the very thing they are not. The Tea Party has stood firm.

The Tea Party is not gone, and it may very well be able to accomplish out of the spotlight what it never could while under the glare. Like any good organism, the Tea Party has become less of the voice for the body politic, and more its nervous system. At least that’s what the founders of the Tea Party Community believe.

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