Multiculturalism: Muslims and Black Liberals

Multiculturalism has proven to be an epic fail. When you consider that most immigrants are leaving their way of life to find a better way of life. Why bring that existing way of life to the new place?

The events in France and elsewhere in Europe prove my point. France has lost its culture to terrorists, and Paris was the second time in less than a year that demonstrates that. Perhaps in the past Muslims moved from Northern Africa and became “Parisians” of sort. That’s not true today.

For many years now, Europe has been welcoming Muslim immigrants by the thousands. In their zeal to be inclusive, tolerant, and multicultural, places like Germany and yes, France have suddenly realized that these immigrants are not only not assimilating into their respective societies, but they are taking them over, and many Germans, French, and others fear they are losing their very cultures.


France and may other parts of Europe are hosts of”no go” zones, where nobody except Muslims will dare go. All throughout Europe are tales of horrors as Muslims have invaded their respective cultures. Rape gangs and other violence are increasing against the indigenous in staggering numbers.

In America, the issue of immigrants is looming, the only thing stopping their animalistic behavior is our guns. But that’s only temporary. Our time is coming. And we are getting a preview with black terrorists.

Whether it’s blacks in Ferguson protesting over a thug, or the very non-issue surrounding the recent situation at Mizzou, blacks are terrorizing the country. Like Muslims, it began with legislative action by the Congressional Black Caucus. But not it’s gone beyond that, and has hit the streets.

Though colleges and universities have been integrated for years, have been owned by what is supposed to be the “tolerant Left,” we are seeing the results are not as pretty as the Leftist had hoped. Perhaps we should look at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The HBCU were established by well-meaning Republicans, but like most things over the past few decades were ceded to the Left. What should by now be the top schools in the country, graduating the best students in the country, the truth is these schools are the worse. And that is why black students are leaving in droves, from one report 12 to 25 percent annually. These students are leaving black colleges to go to more integrated schools, and they are taking their problems and attitudes with them.

Like Muslims, black students seem to believe they are owed something. They leave black colleges, not to assimilate, but to impose their “blackness” on the new schools. Put another way, they leave failing schools, to impose failure elsewhere.

The truth about the Left is they are the Intolerant Left, and they have bread a group even more putrid than they…the black Liberal. These idiots should be told that their blackness counts for nothing in today’s world. The fact is white kids have it just as tough as black kids. Slave days are over, not that any of them have a remote understanding of slavery. Further, everybody’s civil rights are being violated, so either fight for all or shut the hell up.


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