Muslims Need to Feel Fear

Muslims in France are said to be scared.

Considering the number of “no-go zones” mostly occupied by Muslims, I’m not sure why they are so scared.

Muslims seem to have the French right where they want them. Unarmed, open borders, and multi-cultural. In other words, ripe for the picking.

Yet according to Reuters, Muslims believe a reckoning is coming:

For the second time this year France’s Muslims have seen carnage brought to the streets of Paris by a few radical Islamists and fear that they will now suffer as a consequence.



“When you look like a Muslim, it’s tough,” said Marjan Fouladvind, an Iranian doctoral student in Paris.

“The way people look at us will change again, and not for the better … Sometimes it’s preferable to be mistaken for a Jew and not a Muslim because then there are fewer problems.”

Muslims will need to start cleaning up their own messes. It’s way past time for so-called moderate Muslims to step up. They act as if there are two different groups of Muslims, but for the world view, they appear to be one and the same.

“This story soils Islam and it soils Muslims,” said a man named Soufiane. “There are problems over there and they shouldn’t be imported here.”

Muslims are soiling Muslims, which is why the French are finally getting fed up. As the article continues:

In the weeks that followed anti-Muslim acts such as the spraying of graffiti on mosques and insults made against veiled women flared up. The National Observatory of Islamophobia registered a rise of 281 percent in such incidents in the first quarter of 2015 compared with the same three months of the previous year.

Saphirnews, a Muslim news website, reported on Sunday that French Muslims were once again becoming “collateral victims of terrorism”. Early on Saturday morning, blood-red crosses were found painted on the wall of a mosque in eastern Paris, it said.

Collateral victims for Muslims doesn’t leave them dead in the streets or decapitated in some Middle East armpit.

The slogan “France, wake up!” was daubed on the wall of a mosque in southern France and “Death to Muslims” was written on walls around Evreux north of Paris, Le Parisien daily reported. And Muslims all over the world will soon find that more and more countries will be waking up to what Muslims deem the “bad” part of their culture.

But perhaps tragedies like this will cause a backlash in the Muslim world, and hopefully one that will not only be met with words.

Malika Chafi, who works for a non-profit organization, bristled when asked how she as a Muslim felt about the attacks.

“For me, it doesn’t make any sense to say ‘as a Muslim’,” she said outside the Grand Mosque. “I’m a voter, a consumer, a mother, someone who loves classical music. I’m not shocked as a Muslim, but as a citizen.

“This isn’t a Muslim issue, this is an issue of police and terrorism.”


The way for Islamophobia to be dealt with is for Muslims to deal with it. If not, non-Muslims will do it for them eventually.

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