Obama Compares Himself to NFL QB Great in GQ Article

TBS Meme- Obama's report cardIn an interview with GQ, Obama compared himself to arguably the best quarterback in the NFL at this time, Aaron Rodgers. If I were Rodgers, I’d sue for defamation.

If Obama were a pro football quarterback, he would be the biggest bust in NFL history, namely Ryan Leaf. Barack Obama would need a teleprompter to run a quarterback sneak.

Obama loves his sports analogies, and just like his presidency, he showcases his delusions as he did in GQ:

Was there a point in those first three years where you started to feel overwhelmed by the job? Where you were just like, “My God, I just had no idea this was going to be this hard!”

I had a pretty good handle. One thing I learned during the campaign was that I’ve got a good temperament. I don’t get too high and I don’t get too low. I’m able to stay focused even when there’s a lot of stuff going on around me.

So you’re like Gregg Popovich. Although he does get mad at sideline reporters.

[laughs] He does. So do I. [laughs] Yeah. Or maybe [Aaron] Rodgers in the pocket, in the sense of you can’t be distracted by what’s around you, you’ve got to be looking downfield. And I think that’s a quality that I have—not getting flustered in what’s around me.”

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Obama apparently spends more time watching sports than being president. He claims to be looking downfield, so he obviously sees the $20 trillion in debt looking like Lawrence Taylor in his prime. Ask Joe Theismann how that turned out.

If Obama wants to use the NFL metaphor, let’s look at a few of his stats:

  • Obama leads the league in turnovers. He’s fumbled on every important domestic issue and has thrown costly interceptions to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Iran.
  • Obama’s been sacked more than any other QB, with Russian star player Vladimir Putin routinely picking him up and dropping him on his helmet.
  • Despite a generous officiating crew (mainstream media) that flags any opposition near him with roughing the passer, he can never seem to advance the football.
  • The only time Obama has ever spiked the football is when he has intentionally grounded it to avoid a sack.

Sorry Mr. President, but you are no Aaron Rodgers. But don’t let that stop your delusions of grandeur.

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