Obama Showcases Incompetence on World Stage

The arrogance of Obama that Americans are all too familiar with was put on display in front of the whole world to see at the G20 Summit Press Conference in Turkey. As an American, I was embarrassed watching him. He really gave the world a full frontal view of a jackass.

After being late and missing the moment of silence on Sunday for the victims of the Paris attacks, Obama told fellow world leaders there is a “strong link between economy and security.” More of what his administration tried to sell a while back, when they said the terrorists just need jobs. As we would say in America, “So does everybody else!”

When speaking of the refugees from Syria and Europe, Obama said, “society has not passed this exam with good grades.” What? Are we chasing these people from their Muslim homelands, or are other radical Muslims?

Obama went on to further reiterate he is committed to resettling 10,000 refugees in the U.S. by the end of the year. He said all this, and he was just getting warmed up.

At the press conference Monday, he was peppered with challenging questions from an anxious press corp. Several questions were directed at remarks he made during an interview hours before the attack, in which he declared ISIS was “contained.” His arrogance came out when he said to one reporter, as reported by CNN:

“If folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. If they think that somehow their advisers are better than my chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff and the folks who are actually on the ground, I want to meet them.”

That’s Obama’s fallback position. If you have a solution, offer it. We are not the people in charge of MAKING SOLUTIONS WORK! We don’t have the data to make the decision, but HE DOES! And even with all the information, Obama has this strange habit of constantly MAKING BAD DECISIONS.

Obama also announced that the U.S. will be sharing more intelligence with French officials in a faster manner that the U.S. has been doing. Is this new?! You mean we’ve been (1) holding back intelligence, and (2) the intelligence we have shared has been slow?

Obama wants a solution, so here’s one: offer our NATO ally all the intelligence we have, as soon as we have it! Anything less would be dereliction of duty, punishable by court martial, that’s if Obama were a real Commander in Chief.

ISIS has jihadists scattered all over the West via these fake refugee programs, yet Obama chastised Republicans who said there’s a “religion test” for people seeking asylum. He flatly dismisses the fears of Americans of another Paris-style attack on U.S. soil. Even Liberal biased CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour criticized Obama, as reported in The Blaze:

“’If anybody was expecting to hear in the passion and eloquence and speech patterns of President Obama a tipping point, they did not hear that today,’ Amanpour said, adding that he was ‘defensive’ when pressed on American leadership.

In dismissing critics of his Islamic State strategy, Amanpour said Obama is also dismissing the ‘very palpable fear among citizens in France, Britain and the United States that terrorists could target their cities next.

‘He said something that is pretty incredible, according to many of the military experts here and around the world who I have spoken to — that our strategy is working,’ she added.

‘He’s saying that ISIS is contained. This is also not actually true,’ she said. ‘ISIS is not contained because ISIS attacked a Russian plane, attacked Beirut and now attacked Paris.’”

Obama’s proclamation that ISIS is a JV team of Al Qaeda showed how clueless he is about the Middle East. Saying ISIS is contained is yet more proof that Obama is either delusional or destructive. ISIS cannot be contained; it must be destroyed. What must be destroyed is any credibility that Obama believes he has. That’s our job.

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