Obama’s Syrian Strategy: Bombing Nothing

President Obama arrogantly and angrily defended his strategy in Syria, which now consists of airstrikes against bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks.

 After billions of dollars of American taxpayer money, we are blowing up used construction equipment; not exactly expensive military hardware.

Perhaps this is why the world views Obama as a joke. He claims ISIS is contained, but only if they are working construction!

In a Tuesday article by the Washington Post titled “The war on bulldozers: U.S. airstrikes pounding militant construction equipment,” correspondent Dan Lamothe reports:

“In another strike announced Monday, military officials said they had destroyed two excavators and one front-loader among four airstrikes near Ar Rutbah, one bulldozer and one front-loader among three airstrikes near Fallujah, and one bulldozer in an airstrike near Mosul.

Air attacks also were launched on two bulldozers near Fallujah in a wave of six airstrikes that occurred in Iraq between Nov. 5 and Nov. 7. The bulldozers were ‘engaged in constructing obstructions,’ military officials said, without providing more details. Airstrikes near Fallujah on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 also took out five bulldozers and a dump truck that were creating obstructions and berms, officials said.”

Rumors are the up to 80 percent of our ordnance is missing the targets. In the time of smart bombs and laser-guided missiles, for us to miss 80 percent of our targets can only be intentional.

We have the best and brightest military minds in the world. Our generals and military personnel responsible for the ISIS campaign must be beside themselves. One can’t help feel sorry for having to serve a delusional Commander-in Chief. It’s a tribute to their loyalty and professionalism.

How does bombing bulldozers help destroy ISIS? I’d say Obama’s cocaine past is catching up with him, however as America is slowly finding out, Obama is fighting for the other team.

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