Obama’s ‘War of Errors’

The president is waging a ‘War of Error’ that started with an innocent handshake: the infamous Obama declaration

“I’ll extend my hand, if you’ll unclench your fist.”

What he didn’t care to know was that terrorists only unclench their hands to detonate the bomb they’re holding.

We abandoned Iraq after seeing the purple fingers of democracy, but before Iraq was capable of defending itself. This left a void; a breeding ground for ISIS. Post-George Bush, the world has witnessed most of the Middle East falling like dominoes. The irony is that Obama and Hillary Clinton declared Arab Spring, the definition of victory, as Obama dethroned leaders in Egypt and Libya.

In Libya the Obama administration, led by then ‘Secret’ary of State Hillary Clinton, sponsored the overthrow of Muammar Gadafi which led to the destabilization of Libya and the Benghazi murder of Ambassador Stephens and security personnel.

So what Al Qaeda strengthened, along with almost every other Muslim terror group. Further Obama engendered the most powerful terror group of all, ISIS, and left them billions of dollars, dinars, and American military equipment. ISIS couldn’t have had a better friend if America had knowingly elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s red line chemical warfare ultimatum in Syria was crossed, stepped on, then erased by Bashar Assad, adding to the chaos. He issued warning to Iran about nuclear weapons, and most of the world knows that Iran is unfettered in building a nuclear weapons, despite Obama’s tough words.

Vladimir Putin laughed in the face at Obama’s threats regarding Ukraine and Crimea, and for all intents and purposes, those regions have been annexed to the former Soviet leader of the KGB.

The fact is no world leader fears Obama, not even Cuba. On the world stage Obama has received nothing in his negotiation with terrorists, and appears as impotent as Jimmy Carter in the final days of his administration.

Then there was the speech as the G20, where Obama showcase his naivete. He embarrassed America, actually chastising Americans to not look at Muslims differently.

Meanwhile, Hollande was dropping bombs in Syria, and Putin vowed to find the ISIS animals who shot down the Russian passenger plane.

America needs a leader, and we don’t have one. We have an egomaniac determine to commit his War of Errors on the American people, and ultimately the world. As America goes, so goes the world.

We can only hope the next president, a staunch Conservative (please God!) will undo what Obama has done, and rally Congress to support protecting the people they are elected to protect.

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