Paris Vindicates Conservatives

There is not a person in the Conservative world who would wish what has happened in Paris at the hands of radical Islamists on anybody. But most of us predicted something like it would happen.

The terror attack in Paris is the reason we work so hard daily fighting against the terrorist in our country known as Liberals. Truth be told, Conservatives all know that this horrible attack vindicates us.

I will be the first to say that as sad as this tragedy is, it is exactly what Liberals need to wake the f*ck up! Just like it took the 9-11 terror attack by radical Muslims to provide solidarity in America, to get Liberals to understand that clean air and spotted owls be damned, if we aren’t here to enjoy them.


Thus we have an opportunity…again.

How long will this latest tragedy linger in the minds of Liberals, so America and hopefully most of the world drop the political correctness that always accompanies the discussion of radical Muslims, illegal immigration, and gun control.

If the Islamic terror in Paris teaches anything, it should be that

  1. citizens should be armed,
  2. borders should be protected,
  3. and multiculturalism is dangerous.

Put another way, if you come to our country you’d better do it legally, assimilate to OUR culture, or you could be shot.

And you have to know the Democrat politicians are scrambling. These open border, gun-grabbing, Muslim apologists like Hillary Clinton are in their war rooms with the spin doctors polling for answers. Because the truth is Liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the very reason Paris happened.

Hillary Clinton touts her record on foreign affairs, and Paris has become her new Benghazi, and I expect this one will stick. As for her former boss, the Islamist who has been running America and is ushering in Islamic terrorists like he got them at a post-Christmas sale at Macy’s, he will have a difficult time with his evil plan for the foreseeable future.

Ted Cruz is already asking for a moratorium on Syrian refugees. The average Liberals who supported either of these two Leftist morons can’t deny that Paris being attacked twice, the second time with the severity and planning of a true war is proof that what Conservatives have been preaching on borders, guns, and multiculturalism. Further, this latest incident didn’t occur at some obscure Midwestern college campus or some small Midwestern town. This attack is on the world stage. Paris; a city that conjures up a romantic evening at a French brasserie, or a walk along the Champs-Elysees, not Muslim terrorism on multiple fronts.

The world has taken notice, and the French will undoubtedly have tired of being prisoners of the Islamists. It’s sad that it takes the death of so many people by cruel animals to wake Liberals around the world up to what Conservatives have been saying for decades.

We are not people to exploit tragedies. We don’t have to exploit them, because truth is truth. So I warn Conservatives, this is not the time to get squishy. The time is NOW to remind Liberals of what we have been saying about Islam, open borders, and gun control. They are wrong on these issues and we are RIGHT!

Mark Steyn put it best when he said that Obama always talks of “shared values” when speaking of Islamists. We do NOT share their values. We are not trying to kill them or impose a caliphate. They are. We build civilized societies, and the only thing anyone has to fear in America is running into Liberals.

What has happened in Paris is a hair trigger away from happening all around the world. The ONLY reason the jihadists have not attacked America is they don’t want the world to see them get their butts kicked as armed Americans shoot them down like the dogs they are. But if Obama and other Liberals get their way, after the dust settles on this tragedy, our fight with jihadists is coming.

I will remind Liberals of their blunder, and chastise them for causing Paris, and the host of other acts of terror committed by the people the Left serves. I hope you will join me in doing so, so they NEVER FORGET!

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