What Has Mizzou Taught Us?

The protests in Ferguson taught us many things, for example “snitches get stitches.” America learned that protesting for a thug who steals and tries to kill a cop is fighting for change, but a large group of white people gathering to limit government is a cover for a Klan rally.

Liberals do love their dog whistles, and that is why Missouri is back in the news.

As most of America and a large part of the world knows, black students at Mizzou protested the inaction of now former President Tim Wolfe and what they see as his failure to address racial incidents on campus. Were these documented issues? Who cares, when it comes to blacks getting what they deem as justice.

The justice demanded by these entitled whiners was that Tim Wolfe acknowledge his white male privilege. So black students and white Swedes (Stockholm Syndrome) partnered to get a man fired from his livelihood for simply being white. In the aftermath of Wolfe’s departure, as a further show of solidarity, black students dismissed their white brethren, saying the blacks needed a “Black safe zone,” ergo no white enablers allowed.

And then came the demands of the great unwashed, to paraphrase then Senator Joe Biden.

  • ”Future UM president and Chancellors must be selected by a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff”- No white people must be involved.
  • ”Diversity”- No white people, or at least as few as possible.
  • ”Diversity Training”- keep white people intimidated and afraid to speak up if they have differing opinions.
  • ” Black faculty and staff campus-wide must increase by 10% by the 2017-2018 school year”- No white people need apply
  • ”increase retention for marginalized students”- do not kick out students who are flunking out.
  • ”increase funding, resources, and personnel for social justice centers on campus”- make taxpayers foot the bill for protesters

It’s interesting that diversity is never a problem when the majority is minorities.

It should be noted that although Columbia, Missouri is a couple of hours away from Ferguson as the crow flies, the media wants us to believe the two cities border each other and the “cancer” is spreading. Who cares that there is no cancer, when there are those willing and eager to save the patient anyway.

Then there is that small concern of one’s First Amendment rights, that a Communications professor attempted to surreptitiously negate from a University of Missouri photojournalist covering the protests. So what he was a student with as much right to be on that campus, actually more right, since he paid to be there. He made the mistake of being a white male. It is said that the University of Missouri is one of the nation’s top Journalism schools, and yet ironically the professor wanted to silence the journalist…by any means necessary, not to go all Malcolm X on you.

She later offered a back-handed apology, akin to a spousal abuser bringing flowers, and reminding the abused that his beatings are merely an act of love. But it does get worse at MU.

In an e-mail sent to MU students from Campus Police, students were encouraged to report to campus police any “hateful speech” they encountered. Call the police?? What if the hate speech involves black people, should one still call the cops, or should they call U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch with code words: Black Power?

Who determines what hate speech is; the journalism professor who asked for “muscle?” None of us needed a Liberal translator for that one.

America’s universities are cesspools of Liberalism with the sickness oozing like puss from every pore. I know…vivid and gross, just like university life. We may finally be at a time when the worm has turned, when we can finally address the real issues, and bring back sanity to higher education.

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