A Word to the Brain-Dead Climate Farce Crowd

I know there are people who believe the nonsense of global climate change, or what I rightfully call global climate farce. Fortunes have been spent pounding these idiots’ brains into mush about the idea that man is impacting this massive, heavenly body floating in space.

An orb that has been around for billions of years, slammed by meteors, huge volcanic eruptions, and so on, all things that were required to form the earth, and the Left point to “hockey sticks,” then constantly offer bogus data from scientists funded by the very people who want to promote this absurdity.

These brilliantly wicked money-grabbers omit the obvious, as they hatch their nefarious plans. The obvious.

When earth formed, it was hell. Everything these knuckledraggers accuse us of doing to the earth, the earth has already done to itself. Look at any science on how the earth was formed, and you will see that as earth evolved, it was uninhabitable. At some point in evolution, life flourished. We are at that nexus. And as the science has taught us, the earth will not be around forever.

Earth is on its own mission, and man is insignificant in that mission.

Each day the earth evolves, as the oceans boil with tectonic shifts, the very shifts that broke apart Pangaea into the continents we have today. The earth doesn’t care who or what inhabits it, as it will do what it does regardless.

But that doesn’t stop the elitists from thinking (1) they can alter earth’s course, and (2) they should get your money while indulging their illusions.

Liberals would love to believe they are significant. Since earth won’t give them awards, Liberals give themselves awards for being good stewards of the planet. They are not.

Liberals are pigs. A handful of them recycle, true hug, or try to save some stupid animal, so they collectively believe they are all about the earth. Just visit an inner city and tell me if Liberals care one iota about earth. Cities are cesspools.

Visit the country and see how things work. Recycling, animal husbandry, re-forestation, and so on. Just about anything that shows care and concern for man or environment will be found in the rural America.

And thankfully we rural folks represent America.

Americans aren’t cutting down the rainforests. We revolutionized the energy industry saving the whales and the forests. We are the people trying to get the uncivilized world to stop destroying the rainforests. Frankly, I’m sick of Americans being made to pay for the stupidity of other cultures, or that of Liberals.

You want clean air, move from the cities. You don’t like tornadoes, don’t live in the Southern Belt. Don’t like hurricanes, avoid the East Coast. Don’t like earthquakes, forest fires and Liberals, avoid California.
There is no perfect place to love on earth, as man must endure nature. So the idea that man will create some Utopia is as ridiculous as paying for air. Next these morons will try to get us to pay to avoid mudslides and floods.
America (and the world) needs to wake up from this money-grabbing farce being perpetrated by the Left.


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