Conservative Battle Cry: Obama is an Idiot

It’s been official with Conservatives for some time, and likely is sinking in with quite a few Liberals: Obama is an idiot.

For the Leftists who claim that Conservative disdain for Obama was about his color, that jury has deliberated, and Conservatives have been vindicated, as Obama daily showcases moonbattery of the highest order.


In an article titled Why America Isn’t Winning It’s Wars, Christian Science Monitor spells out the insanity of Barack Obama’s war capabilities:

When Michael Vickers was making his name as the Central Intelligence Agency operative depicted in “Charlie Wilson’s War” – running a covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan through Muslim jihadis – it was by no means a war of decision by committee.

It was the bold and resourceful work of a maverick.

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The wisdom of that approach remains controversial – it vanquished the Soviets but planted the seeds for modern terrorism. Yet this week, Mr. Vickers, a former undersecretary for intelligence, told lawmakers that the qualities that guided him in Afghanistan have been in too-short supply in America’s recent warfighting. Put bluntly, American efforts to respond to the security challenges of today simply aren’t working.

“We are not postured as a [Defense] department, intellectually or organizationally, for these highly asymmetric and largely unconventional long-term challenges,” Vickers said in congressional testimony. “We are winning battles and campaigns, but not our wars.”

I don’t think we are even winning battles. Obama says ISIS is contained, and we get the Paris attacks. He says America is safe, and we get San Bernadino. He said recently that he expects no terror attacks over the holidays, which has most smart Americans shopping online.

In a recent ABC poll, on 22 percent of people trusted Obama’s declaration that America would be safe over the holidays. The Left will see this as a vote of confidence that there are fools out there who actually still trust Obama.

Obama has yet to shift strategy. He has a losing strategy he calls Plan A, and his solution is to double down on Plan A.

Almost every military expert disagrees with Obama’s strategy against ISIS, yet he continues the course. And when he does backtrack, which he recently did with respect to “boots on the ground,” he changes the lexicon to cover his lies.

Obama has positioned America for the worst of times. His incompetence has emboldened the smallest of nations, and soon America will have to flex her might in ways we never imagined. Peace through powerlessness.





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