Democrat Scheme Foiled by Trump

The Left and their mainstream media accomplices really wanted Trump or anybody to wage a third-party battle with the Republican Party.

They finally got Bernie to shut up about a Socialist Party run; easy, given that the Democratic Party IS the Socialist Party. So they set their sights on Carson at first, noting that he says he’s an Independent. Calculating Carson’s ultimate trajectory, the Left then set their sights on Trump.

They didn’t believe Trump was a serious candidate at first, and frankly neither did most of America. But Trump brought two things: bravado and real talk. The real talk is what lit the fuse in the electorate catapulting Trump to front-runner status. Most felt he wouldn’t maintain it long, as he brought up truth in immigration. The Left has staged illegal immigration as a sacred cow, and Trump promptly killed the cow and handed out steaks.

Then came the debates. Despite Trumps lack of eloquence, he rose in the polls. It seemed that no matter what Trump said, his people backed him. Trump touched that emotion that has been brewing in Americans for some time, and that is “Liberals are guano crazy.”

America has tired of lying politicians who don’t truly care about America, and Trump inconveniently exposed those frauds. That’s why the Democrats wanted Republicans to shut him down. The attacks on Trump by Republicans were actually orchestrated by the Democrats, and the Republicans stooges were all too happy, downright giddy to oblige.

Nevertheless, the “divide and conquer” strategy failed. So they decided to demonize Trump. This was based on Trump’s comments about keeping Muslims out, until we have a workable vetting process. Reasonable to everybody, except braindead Leftists.

But this tactic too has failed. The demonizing of Trump has only allowed Ted Cruz to successfully drafted off Trump, and Cruz is ready to slingshot around him. But if not Cruz, take your Republican pick.

Which of these top candidates isn’t ready to be in a substantive debate with Hillary Clinton, a woman who gets asked by the mainstream media about her wardrobe and what it’s like to be a grandmother? When Hillary Clinton has to face real questioning, and not debate morons like Bernie “I Hate Rich Conservatives” Sanders, she will look like the mess that she is.

Hey Hillary, let’s revisit you being “dead broke.” Exactly how detached you were when you said that? And what about your flip-flopping on the Iraq war? Remind us again how great you were as Secretary of State, and please point on the map where you had positive impact? Syria? Libya? Russia? 

And there is a litany of other questions sure to make Clinton squirm.

The Republican debate showcased a few things that should put the fear of God in Democrats, that’s if Democrats actually believed in a god other than Barack Obama:

  1. Republican candidates are knowledgeable, and
  2. that Republicans are NOT monolithic.

Many Liberals watched that debate and saw that Republicans are all over the spectrum in some areas, so there is room in the “big tent” for those on the Left who recognize their own insanity, if they were considering Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s blasting of Muslim terrorists has yet again opened discussions that the Left don’t want to have. And every time a Muslim terrorist does evil, Trump, Cruz, and other Conservatives will be bolstered. The Democrats are hoping, dare I say PRAYING, that Muslim terrorists don’t keep doing what they do…at least until after the election.


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