Does This Guy Have Hillary Clinton’s Equivalent of the “Blue Dress”

The Leftist media has certainly dropped the ball on Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton aid who set up her servers at her Chappaqua NY home. Their silence about Pagliano is for one simple reason: the Left have decided that Hillary Clinton is not to be touched.

What IT guy needs to plead the Fifth for setting up a server? The CLINTONS’ IT guy, that’s who!

When questioned by the House during hearings on Hillary Clinton’s “Email-Gate,” Pagliano immediately pleaded the fifth. He was briskly dispatched to the scapegoat farm, where he was fattened, then told to wait until he got the call.

As this video shows, they couldn’t locate this guy for the longest time, and I’m sure some theorized that he was DEAD!


Pagliano wasn’t dead, and the call came. More than 100 days after Pagliano invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid testifying before the House committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack, Pagliano is back at the center of the controversy. He must have some very powerful people to have survived more than 100 days in the political wild of the Clinton Serengeti. How many people expected we would find the decaying body of Pagliano two years into Hillary’s presidency. There would be note attached to the carcass that read:

It’s all Bush’s fault!

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According to one report I read, Pagliano is believed to be the only witness publicly identified during the politically charged hearings on Benghazi to invoke the Fifth Amendment. This may be the only reason the man is still alive.

Despite Pagliano not having been charged with any crime, he apparently feels he has something to hide. Common sense dictates that nothing he did was illegal, so the only persons he can be protecting are the Clintons.

By now we are well past the notion that Hillary Clinton discussed Top Secret information. The bigger question will likely hinge around The Clinton Foundation, and thankfully for the Clinton they have had lots of time to implement damage control with the Muslim terrorist attacks and the Trump media circus. You can bet that anybody with any knowledge of this are off the grid, and as far away from the Clintons as humanly possible.

For Pagliano, the story is more intriguing as he goes even further than the Fifth, and invoked the so-called act-of-production privilege. Since 1984, according to a review by Fox News, the privilege has been used in 103 federal or state cases.

A person can invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against the production of documents only where the act of producing the documents is incriminating in itself. According to a legal review by Fox News, this privilege applies when producing the documents – as opposed to their contents — to the government is entitled to Fifth Amendment protection. This assertion is tantamount to the defendant’s testimony that the documents exist, are authentic and are in his possession.

What could Pagliano be holding in his possession that made him do what no reasonable IT guy would do? Does Pagliano possess Hillary Clinton’s version of the blue dress?