Excuses For Abandoning Your Baby

You know society has completely abandoned reason, when the excuse given for a grown woman abandoning her newborn baby is “stress.”

That’s essentially what the lamestream media said about a woman in Compton abandoning her child, as reported by the LA Times:

33-year-old Compton woman has been charged with attempted murder after her baby was abandoned in a concrete crevice last week, police announced Monday.

Porche Laronda Washington was arrested in Compton on Thursday after her baby girl was found buried under several slabs of asphalt on a bike path near 136th Street and Slate Avenue, according to Sgt. Richard Ruiz of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Special Victims Bureau.

Sheriff’s deputies found the baby Nov. 27 after neighbors heard the child crying. The baby had been left there for several hours, and remains hospitalized in good condition, Ruiz said.

Washington, who had hidden her pregnancy from friends and family, gave birth to the child at an area hospital Nov. 23, according to Ruiz. She was released from the hospital with the child on Thanksgiving and returned home. Sheriff’s investigators believe she abandoned the child the next morning.

If people can throw away their children because of “stress,” none of us would have survived our parents. Kids by definition are stressful.

We are at a point in America where a thug robbing a convenience store is said to not have committed a crime, and a woman abandoning a newborn is said to have been stressed.

Sure they arrested this woman, but you can bet she will be declared “stressed,” and released to get pregnant again, this time ending her “stress” at a neighborhood Planned Parenthood.

In a time when America provides free housing, free food, free childcare, free cell phones, and a host of other freebies, this woman is stressed. Imagine her level of stress about 100 years ago, having to fend for herself without taxpayer intervention!

This woman was not stressed, she is weak. Black women in America, formerly the strong backbone of society, have developed scoliosis. They are stressed because they no longer pick men to father their children, but instead settle for smooth-talking boys.




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