First Transgender Baby?

And the Left wonders why we “conservatives” prefer a more sedate life? Try this one on for size. You’re a man who fathers not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN children with a woman. Then SUDDENLY at the age of 46 decide that you prefer to be a woman. An ugly woman.

So you then become an ugly post-menopausal woman, but then decide that you’d like to be a child again. So now you need parents.

Think the story ends there? Think again, as the Daily Mail reports

A Canadian man who was married, with seven kids, has left his family in order to fulfill his true identity – as a six-year-old girl.

In an emotional video with gay news site The Daily Xtra in collaboration with The Transgender Project, Stefonknee (pronounced ‘Stef-on-knee’) Wolscht, 52, of Toronto, says she realized she was transgender – rather that simply a cross-dresser – at age 46, and split from her wife, Maria, after she told her husband to ‘stop being trans or leave’.

Now, Stefonknee lives with friends who she cans her ‘adoptive mommy and daddy’ as a six-year-old girl, dressing in children’s clothing and spending her time playing and coloring with her adoptive parents’ grandchildren.

Transgender baby 2 Transgender dude

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