Obama Administration Admits to This Five Months Later

Better late than never, it appears that five months after the terrorist attack by an Islamic terrorist that killed five military personnel in Chattanooga, the Obama Administration confirmed what Americans knew all along: it was a terrorist attack.

Could it possible that after nearly seven years in office and 42 Islamic terrorist deaths later on US soil (up from 3 prior under Obama since 9/11), that Obama is finally getting it? Ok, just kidding!

Obama’s pattern of laying a smoke screen and blaming gun violence on radical Islamic terrorism in the U.S. has grown tiresome, as have the workplace violence narratives. It seems that Obama believes that his delay in stating the obvious, he doesn’t have to rip the band-aid off.

He’s not getting a pass, however; Chattanooga residents remain outraged. As reported by Times Free Press in Chattanooga:

“While it took two days for the FBI to announce it was investigating the Dec. 2 San Bernardino attacks as an act of terror, it took five months after the killing of five military personnel in Chattanooga for authorities to use the same wording about the attack by a Kuwaiti-born gunman.”

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The American public is not as naïve, and they are slowly getting over the idea that Obama is untouchable because of his “funny name” and his darker melanin.

When a mass shooting occurs and the attacker(s) have Muslim names, it is not politically incorrect to consider the act was done by Islamic terrorists.

FBI Director James Comey, considered by most to be a man of integrity seemed to show his frustration by not going along with the narrative.  In fact, his frustration with the Obama’s attempts to mislead the American public have been seen in his recent comments about not being able to properly vet Syrian refugees, as well as his quick response to label San Bernardino terrorism.

It will never be known whether or not legally armed Americans could have stopped these terrorist attacks, but it would have given them a fighting chance. The American servicemen in Chattanooga were sitting ducks, and they died because of Liberal policies that prevented them from protecting themselves. Unarmed military men, lambs for the slaughter.

It’s a travesty, yes another Obamanation that it took five months to label Chattanooga a terrorist attack. At least now the families of the soldiers killed in the line of duty can receive their Purple Hearts.

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