Flesh Eating Disease is Ravaging ISIS

Mother Nature, divine intervention, karma or whatever you wish to call it, a flesh eating virus is doing something a 65-nation coalition has failed to do: wiping out ISIS.

Bombing has done little to contain ISIS and their genocide of innocents. There has been an increasing call for “boots on the ground,” whether they are coalition or neighboring Islamic nations. As it turns out, those boots on the ground are parasite carrying sand flies!

The disease, known as “Leishmaniosis” causes anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 deaths per year. If untreated, it is highly fatal. The sand flies carrying this disease are drawn to the rubbish caused by war. The symptoms are large, gaping wounds, particularly to the face.

Finally the ISIS monsters look like the Frankensteins that they are.

In a way ISIS has brought this upon them by rejecting the modern technology that could actually save them. From a religious perspective they are sealing their own fate, as pointed out in article in the US Herald:

“Ironically if one reads the Koran or perhaps the Holy Bible, and references within its pages moments of great challenges and of God’s interventions, perhaps this plague, this epidemic that is currently ravaging Syria, is a reminder of man’s intolerance towards man.

Last year, the Doctors Without Borders had to abandon the war-torn nation when ISIS seized it, effectively shutting down many of the Syria’s medical centers, however one can’t help but to draw an analogy between good and evil, and what the Buddhists term as KARMA.”

The world can hope that the ISIS savages suffer the same painful deaths that they have inflicted upon so many innocent civilians. That would be true justice.

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