Hillary’s Email Meter is Still Ticking

The latest State Department document dump of 7,800 Hillary Clinton emails reveal another 325 emails that were deemed “classified” and one that was marked as “secret,” bringing the total to nearly 1,000 potential breaches.

That’s quite a bit of sensitive information that passed through her private server and no doubt posed a serious national security risk.

Hillary’s puppets in Mainstream Media have spun the Benghazi Scandal as a huge victory for Clinton in her battle against the “vast right-wing conspiracy” they claim is trying to bring her down. MSM clings to Hillary’s alibi that all of these emails were not marked classified at the time they crossed her private server. What are the odds of 1,000 emails not containing at least one deemed classified or secret at the time it passed through Hillary’s private server?

The 7,800 emails, the largest number released to date, contain frightening evidence of her incompetence. This is information that MSM would use to destroy any GOP candidate. Due to the Leftist cover-up, you may never hear about it unless you bother to actually read them or investigate via an impartial media source.

According to an article in The National Review, one email revealed Hillary was more interested in interior decorating than the deaths of six U.S. soldiers:

“In response to a forwarded message on December 18th, 2011, from aide Huma Abedin with the subject line message reading ‘6 soldiers among dead; Syria weighing observers (AP),’ Hillary’s first response was, ‘Is Dalton Brody off Conn or Wisconsin?’ Dalton Brody describes itself on its own website as the ‘premier gift and accessories retailed’ that ‘carries the full line of the world’s most luxurious crystal by English Designer William Yeoward.’”

Maybe this also explains Hillary’s inattention and indifference to the 600 emails Ambassador Chris Stevens sent requesting more security. In fact, the emails reveal Hillary’s confusion on several State Department policies. Hillary suffered a concussion in December 2012 after falling and on January 7th, 2013, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said she was “fully recovered.”

Petraeus got in hot water over FAR less than Hillary, as this video shows:

On January 26, 2013, just 3 days after Hillary’s infamous “What difference does it make?” testimony on Capitol Hill, Uma Abedin stated in an email that Hillary was “often confused.” The article goes on to point out:

“On January 27, Clinton sent an e-mail to top aide Cheryl Mills and State Department undersecretary Patrick Kennedy. “The Brits have just called for their citizens to leave Somalia. What’s our position?” she asked. Kennedy gently replied that the American government “[has] a long-time published travel warning against all travel to Somalia. It was last update [sic] on 12/26/12.”

We may soon find out what difference it makes soon. Will Hillary Clinton be above the law? The current count stands at 1,000 classified or secret emails, with the meter still ticking. With one-third of the emails yet to be released, that number is sure to rise. The question is how many more will it take before people wake up and realize that Hillary is better suited for prison than the White House?

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