CNN Lawsuit: How the Race Card Got Maxed Out

Barack Obama has given America a legacy, and one that blacks in America should not be proud of. Instead of showcasing to blacks that America is truly the land where anything is possible, Obama presented the case that despite his election as president, America remains a cesspool of racism.

Black Liberals were all too happy to accommodate this idiocy, and it wasn’t long before even the enabling guilty white Liberals were left scratching their heads.

It didn’t help that Obama proved to be wholly incompetent, the only thing keeping him out of prison being the color of his skin. That’s also the only reason black Liberals continue to tolerate his obvious incompetence.

Soaring black unemployment rate, outrageous high school dropout rates, low college graduation rates, a lack of respect for authority, a pervasive culture of entitlement,has blacks seeing racism in everything.

Ricky Blalock has worked for CNN since 2010 as a writer/producer. Blalock recently filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against CNN, claiming that he and other black CNN employees were passed over for on–the-job training they needed in order to be promoted to higher level positions. He had also filed a complaint with the EEOC back in August. If Blalock has been wronged, then CNN needs to be held accountable.  But the most interesting part of the story is the race card may be dying, at least based on comments from the article.

Those comments included such solidarity-filled sentiments as, “ANOTHER VICTIM?”,\. Then, “Better go out and hire a few more blacks. Get that quota up to par”. Finally there was brutal honesty, “Hey…if you don’t get your way just throw down the race card and blame whitey. After all, it’s so en vogue these days”.

It seems America has had it with racism constantly being shoved down their throats. Ricky Blalock may very well be the victim of the constant drone of racism. Who will believe him?

The race industry is convinced that they have made it easier for Ricky Blalock to have his complaints addressed. However, judging from the comments of average people, they are far from being sympathetic, considering how PC the world has become. These people realize that the likelihood of CNN having violated the PC doctrines of the Left is very remote, and Blalock is likely just another black Liberal trying to hit the lotto.

Thanks to the race pimps, we will never know.

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