Jeb Bush Punked Online By Donald Trump?

Al Gore may have invented the internet, but doesn’t Donald Trump own it?! It certainly appears that way, because when you type, you get redirected to Donald Trump’s web site. Talk about getting scooped, the latest Bush the Republican Party had prematurely anointed king has been publicly “trumped.”

I wonder what you could type in and get sent to Donald Trump’s website?

The site is registered through an Australian firm that registers domains, yet information on the site owner is unknown. Trump’s campaign denies any involvement. Bush’s campaign has no idea who or what entity did it.

Bush has been targeted before with websites set up in his name, as reported by The Washington Post:

“This isn’t the first time a website name has targeted Bush: Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee launched to call attention to how the GOP presidential candidate’s policy positions mirror those of his brother, George W. Bush, the former president.

As The Daily Caller first noted, is a site run by a gay couple that writes about their life together. is an anti-Bush website.”

Ironically, Donald Trump seems to generate more media for Jeb Bush, than the Bush camp can.

As for the site, parody and gripe sites are protected forms of free speech, so not much can be done about them. The only advice for politicians or any person with notoriety is they need to plan for the future by registering domains years in advance.

Rich, paranoid politicians like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a.k.a. Thurston Howell III, have purchased over 400 domains. One even includes a site called Bloomberg appears to have left no stone unturned.

Other GOP candidates have been punked with parody accounts also, as reported in article by ABC News:

“Sen. Ted Cruz’s dotcom domain has also been obtained by a private citizen, apparently to pull support away from the senator. has only one line of text: ‘Support President Obama. Immigration reform now!’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s PAC, Our American Revival, was parodied by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin with the website, which redirects to a BuzzFeed article poking fun at his leadership PAC name choice.”

I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Politicians are notoriously slow to grasp current technology, let alone have the foresight to predict future innovative web advances.

As for Trump, we will let you know if he has any other candidate’s names pointing to his web site. If he did it, then it does make you wonder what other shenanigans Trump might have done. For example, if you type RosieO, would you be sent to a web site for Jimmy Dean sausage?

Give us your best ideas on what Trump might pull off next.

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