The Latest Racism Hoax

The steady parade of racism claims proven to be false keep rolling in. The latest hoax occurred at Kean University in NJ when a self-proclaimed activist allegedly left in the middle of a racism awareness rally to send out tweets from a campus computer station threatening black students.

Kayla-Simone McKelvey is 24-year old black alum of Kean who graduated in May of this year. She allegedly set up an anonymous Twitter account to tweet a bomb threat, as well as calls to shoot blacks on campus.

McKelvey is no stranger to making unsubstantiated claims of racism, as reported in

“A March article by Kean’s student newspaper the Tower says McKelvey was also the organizer of a rally based on allegations of racism against a professor and Kean’s Student Organization, but that ‘little to no evidence emerged to support the claims.’”

In the recent case, McKelvey was charged by police with third-degree creating a false public alarm.

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In September of this year, there was an incident at the University of Delaware during a speech given by conservative activist Katie Pavlich. #BlackLivesMatter activists were there to protest the speech and claimed there were “nooses” hanging from a tree. The nooses were determined to be paper lantern holders left over from an earlier event. Of course, Leftist media outlet MSNBC jumped all over it, but did little to set the record straight, after finding out the incident was in no way racially motivated.

Another example came in November, when a group of anti-racism protesters found a bag of feces on the stairs of a sorority and labeled it a “hate crime.” The campus police launched an investigation, only to find out it was a bag of dog poop from a seeing-eye dog left behind by a blind student who couldn’t find a trash can.

In October, a Dean and Director of Journalism at the University of North Texas, Dorothy Bland, wrote a long-winded editorial about being stopped for “walking while black” by two white police officers during her morning walk. The entire encounter was filmed by a police car dash cam and recorded by an officer’s microphone, which proved Bland’s story was a fabrication.

If every time something happens black Liberals sound the dog whistle of racism, the credibility of the #BlackLivesMatter and their anarchist allies will diminish. And perhaps that’s a good thing, since Americans have grown weary of being called racists for no reason.

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