Let’s Send Huggies to Colleges

I read that colleges are becoming civil rights battlegrounds, and I laughed until I cried. When these black “Princesses” are getting their butts kicked on the daily, getting spit at and called “N*gger” just for trying to get to class, as the National Guard protects them, then they might have a beef.

But the fact is black people and people of all colors have been attending colleges all over America for decades, unencumbered. In fact, if you were to take blacks out of colleges, the Chancellors would scream to high heaven at the loss of their unpaid athletes students.

As for the college experience, we are told that Millennials are the least racists, least sexists, least homophobic, least xenophobic people on the planet, and yet black students demand a new civil rights movement?

Apparently it is a civil right is to whine about everything, and condone “thug life.”

Anyway, I have decided that we need to call college what it is: Day Care for Millennials. College is no longer the place to learn, to explore one’s understanding, or to challenge one’s ideas. Colleges babysit whining, narcissistic toddlers who think they are entitled to a great life.

So what you worked hard to send your kids to college, sacrificed in ways they will never know. Your job isn’t done, and neither is the taxpayers’. As “The Life of Julia” explained, Millennials believe they are to be pampered from the cradle to the grave. So let’s send them something they can relate to: DIAPERS!

Join me in delivering diapers to universities all over America. Send a set to your favorite chancellor, or better yet, Fed-Ex some to a college student center near you.

Let’s show these big babies just what we think of their “civil rights battleground.”


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