Luntz Focus Group Member Was Muslim Scam Artist

Luntz Focus Group Member Was Muslim Scam Artist

Frank Luntz could take a lesson from the experts at DHS on their perfected form of vetting.

Because he clearly didn’t background check his “ordinary” Muslims who recently appeared on a Face The Nation episode.

The panel was invited to comment on their thoughts about what’s going on in America since the San Bernardino terror attack, as well as Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslims entering the United States. One of the Muslims in the group just happened to be Linda Sarsour, who is far from your “ordinary” Muslim; Sarsour is in fact a well-known Muslim activist, as her credentials suggest.

She is executive director of Arab American Association of New York.

Further, Sarsour supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and many consider her an all-around, well-connected agitator.

Sarsour weaves false narratives of Islam, and she even convinced New York City Mayor de Blasio to ditch the NYPD’s surveillance of Mosques. This is the place where a Muslim terrorist attempted to ignite a car bomb in Times Square.

The one common thread to the numerous Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil is the jihadis who perpetrated the attacsk was linked to a ‘radical’ mosque. So the idea that Sarsour could get New York City to stop surveillance of mosques is patently ridiculous. Mosques are precisely where our federal and local law enforcement should conduct surveillance, and not turn a blind eye to a major player of terror in our country.

As for Sarsour’s participation on Luntz’s panel, her most absurd response to came to a question by Luntz about panelists’ thoughts on Trump’s statement to ban Muslim immigrants.

”I actually did a call out to parents across the country to not watch the Republican debates in front of their children…”

Yes Sarsour, the Republican debates might actually shed some truth in the minds of America’s youth.

They just might learn a few things like, Islamic terror is at the heart of the refugee “crisis” we are experiencing has been created by radical Muslims.

The very people fleeing from their own people are Muslims from the Middle-East and Africa. And instead of embracing the cultures providing sanctuary, these millions of Muslims seek to increase their standard of living by getting on the welfare doles in in their new countries. The Muslims don’t reject the very “religion” that caused them to free, but instead relocate to become what Luntz wants us to believe are moderate, or “ordinary” Muslims.

Muslims have been invited all over the world as refugees, but this migration is part of the Hijra. Hijra instructs Muslims to move to foreign lands in order to populate in massive numbers, the ultimate goal of dominating the political landscape of that country, and implement the Caliphate.

Sarsour continued her bashing of the Republican debate,

”…because I knew that subjecting our children to hearing that hateful stereotyping and lumping of Muslims with terrorism in front of our children is actually something that psychologically impacts them, so that is how deep this is for us.”

What does she think the psychological impact was when our kids watched two jets slam into the Twin Towers and thousands of people dying horrific deaths?

What about the psychological impact of the Ft. Hood attack, Paris attacks 1 and 2, San Bernardino, and the multitude of other attacks by radical Muslims all over the world. In fact there so many Muslim attacks, the real question is why do we need put “radical” in front of Muslim.

And there were Islamic terror attacks before 9/11 that went mostly unreported, and the sad news is there will be plenty more. One can hardly turn on the TV or listen to the news on the radio without our kids hearing or seeing some member of the “religion of peace” committing a beheading, burning somebody alive, raping women and children or otherwise torturing Christian and Muslim.

It has been reported that since 2011, Islam is closing in on almost 100 percent responsibility for worldwide terrorism, yet Sarsour is too busy whining about the hurt feelings of Muslims to pay any attention to facts. She wants everyone to feel sympathy for people in this country who may be a little skeptical about their “religion.”

A comment by Sarsour that certainly left me shaking my head was as follows:

“We would never ask any other faith community to stand up and condemn acts of violence committed by people within their groups. The fact that this is only directed at the Muslim community is something that I personally can’t accept.”

What could she possibly be thinking?

Facts are stubborn things, and apparently Sarsour doesn’t live in reality.

If she truly wants other sane people to have some renewed trust in those who follow the Islamic doctrine, then she better start organizing some protests and marches in the streets of America against Islamic terror, and denouncing Sharia. Anything short of this, is simply disingenuous.

Frank Luntz proves yet again that his focus groups are stacked. Luntz doesn’t care about truth, as he is a Leftist who is complicit in setting fraudulent narratives. Who knows what other “ordinary” Muslims Luntz had on the panel, as I just happened to spot one.

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