Meet Magnolia Thunderpussy: Ward of the Taxpayer

Talk about a story that’s tailor-made for this time, a time in America when we are led by a bi-sexual more concerned with redistribution of wealth and benefits, than he is with caring about the people who pay the bills.

I read this story in Moonbattery, and it truly showcases the nonsense that Americans now must put up with, and ultimately pay for. Meet a man who could be Barack Obama’s brother or even his sister.

A former she-male hooker, only a year out of jail on a fraud conviction, just received a full “sex change” operation, courtesy of the American taxpayer. His story is loving told over more than four full pages in Sunday’s edition of the New York Times.

The initial cost of the surgery to the taxpayer was reported to have been roughly $25,000, though the final cost is estimated to be higher.

Jerome Nimmons tells his story of growing up effeminate, childhood humiliation, sexual seduction by a much older male, HIV infection, eventual family rejection, and a life turned to prostitution and other forms of crime.

Plus he’s a person of politically preferred pigmentation, making him a model citizen, from the liberal intelligentsia’s viewpoint.

Jerome’s story, however, eventually becomes yet a newer iteration of what Ronald Reagan called the “welfare queen.” Though Jerome was living with other transvestites in Atlanta, in what he calls his “gay family”—complete with “gay kids”—Jerome was lured to Brooklyn by a friend because New York has become something of a welfare haven for transsexuals.

Arriving by bus with only $200 in his pocket, within only a few weeks, Jerome scored a state-supported apartment, monthly disability checks, obtained food stamps, and proceeded to spend his leisurely days watching television.

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