Most Important Mexican in America?

Liberals are dissecting Enrique Marquez. He’s the guy who helped the Muslim terrorists kill 14 people and wound 22 other attending a Christmas party.

The reason for the hard look at Marquez is he is a truly interesting person for Democrats. The Democrats need to know how the jihadis turned a Mexican!

You see, Mexicans don’t turn to jihad. They will let you pass through their desert, and their tunnels, but Mexicans don’t convert to Islam. Their Catholics!


Young white girls out to “show Daddy who’s boss.” CHECK!

The occasional disgruntled white guy. CHECK!

Inner city Black teens. CHECK!

But Mexicans?! NO WAY, JOSE!

Mexicans have something to live for., like getting to America. Then there is Cinco de Mayo, and Quincelleras, the takeover of California…and BOXING!

So when jihadis are able to get Mexicans to join the cause, that’s something the Democrats want to study. They need to look at his brain to see what buttons the jihadis pushed to make this happen.

So don’t be surprised if Marquez disappears, sucked off the streets in a black van with blacked out windows, while being transported to court. Democrats won’t rest until they know how to effectively convert Mexicans.



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