Muslims To Call for Jihad on Trump?

We so often get lost in the mire of Liberalism, and this happened again recently. When Stephanopoulos interviewed Donald Trump, he asked Trump about the Muslims celebrating in New Jersey as the World Trade Center buildings were falling.

Trump held fast, reiterating that it did happen, and Stephanopoulos implied that didn’t; it was a he said, she said for sure.

Trump added that the celebrations weren’t just in New Jersey, and in fact Muslims celebrated all over the world. Stephanopolos agreed. BUT…he then came back to say again that there was no proof that Muslims in AMERICA had done this. Well there was proof.

As Intellihub points out, what Trump said was true.

However I dug up an old clip of the Howard Stern Show which proves otherwise, vindicating the Trumpster once and for all.

“I can’t even fathom why someone in this country who enjoys the freedoms of this country would celebrate,” Howard Stern responded to a caller during his radio broadcast on Sept. 12, 2001, just a day after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon took place.

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Seconds later Howard’s producer Gary Dell’Abate pulled another caller on air. The caller said:

“They are doing it right in Patterson […] they are out in the streets. The police are out there having problems with the riots, because they are out there celebrating the bombing of the Trade Center. So it’s right here in our own country. […] We’re on high alert here because there is a Federal Building in Patterson.”

Again, Howard, who was in denial and trying to make the best of the situation at the time, said, “I just so don’t want to believe that, but thank you for calling.”

The phone lines seemed loaded with concerned citizens and eyewitnesses as Dell’Abate continued to queue up the callers, the next of which was “Joe in Michigan”.

“Joe–who is rioting,” Howard asked during the intensely fast-paced broadcast.

The Arabics,” Joe responded. Joe then put his friend Billy on the phone who reported:

“One of our friend’s mom was leaving work and the cops had all of the streets blocked off and everybody stopped and I guess they are rioting in the east side of Dearborn.”

A caller by the name of Henry Black then popped on broadcast and said:

“Yo, the Arabs are over here in Patterson on Crooks Ave. celebrating after what happened yesterday.”

Seconds later a female caller confirmed the previous callers statements, pointing out that her husband, who worked for Verizon in Patterson, said that he saw Arabs “rioting” as well.

What bothers me most is that the proof of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey was not the real story. Sure it happened. Or are we to believe that Muslims ALL OVER THE WORLD were cheering, but OUR Muslims were not?

So we have “civilized” Muslims? I guess we have the only ones?

The New Jersey Muslims did what MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD did on that day, and that is celebrate the attack of The Great Satan. The fall of the society of Infidels. Why didn’t Trump fire back at Stephanopoulos about this?

Has anybody even come close to challenging the “refugee” program on the same merits? Who can guarantee us SAFE Muslims, when Muslims all over the world cheered when the Twin Towers were destroyed? This is a PROVEN fact!

The Left will never apologize for getting this story wrong and for not challenging Obama or anybody else on the idea of what Muslims think about the United States. So why are we trying to vindicate Trump?

This is the Left yet again putting us on the defense, when we squandered an amazing opportunity to put them on defense.


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