Obama: The New Al Gore

Barack Obama is desperate for a legacy; a good legacy.

Let’s just state the obvious, as far as Obama’s legacy: He’s a bad president. He’s a terrible BLACK president. And his namesake legislation, ObamaCare is a skunk at the picnic, worse yet like watching Hillary Clinton shower. That’s why Obama is so focused on climate change.

If you listen to Obama, you might think he invented renewable energy. Al Gore may have invented the internet, and started the whole climate change revolution. But as Obama did with HillaryCare, he’s stealing Gore’s thunder.

In his recent taxpayer-funded boondoggle, Obama traveled to Paris to gather nations together to sell the farce of renewable energy. The energy industry is already saying that the Paris global warming agreement is “unenforceable, underfunded, and non-binding.” As The Daily Caller reported,

“There is nothing historic about this deal,” said American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle in an email to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Obama administration clearly doesn’t have the support of Congress or the American people—making the agreement nothing more than a paper tiger. Unfortunately, this won’t stop the president from pursuing a domestic climate agenda that will raise energy prices on American families, but will have no impact on the climate.”

I find it fascinating that nobody challenges Obama and the global climate change frauds on the notion of the simple electric car.

This is a vehicle that must stop at a charging station to get “refueled” so it can decrease emissions. What powers these electric car recharging stations? The DIRTY ENERGY GRID!

Ethanol requires 2.5 gallons of fossil fuel to create ONE gallon of ethanol.

And the list of green energy absurdities is as long as porn king John Holme’s…well you get the point.



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