Plantation Politics in Football

Yet again the Left just doesn’t get it, so typical racist Leftist fashion, they attempt to put racism where it doesn’t belong.

As most people are aware by now, the big babies on the Mizzou football team decided to show solidarity for nonsense. That nonsense was the false cries of racism by an over-privileged, very wealthy black man. This guy was a paid shill.

Liberal nation was all too ready to play along, as they don’t mind depicting their own institution, wackademia as racist when it suits the greater narrative. Keep in mind, up to now, wackademia was the bastion of all things good, ergo Liberal. But the opportunity to showcase how racism was in the hallowed halls of education was just too good of a jewel for the Left to pass up. Time to break some eggs, take down a couple of white guys, and act like changes would be made.

A Missouri legislator decided to call out the nonsense of the Mizzou football team, so he was met with the inevitable cries of racism, as reported in The Nation.

Missouri Tigers football team, in an act of unparalleled audacity, refused to take the field last November unless the university system president, Tim Wolfe, resigned and, sure enough, within 36 hours he was gone. The team should be lauded for its bravery. Instead, the right-wing Missouri state legislature, lash in hand, wants it to pay a price for its disobedience.

The players were striking against the suffocating, deeply rooted racist atmosphere on campus. They were standing with their fellow students, including one putting his life in peril on a hunger strike. They were risking their scholarships and their futures. They were showing what leadership and character in the realm of sports look like when unmoored from athletic cliché. They were also demonstrating that college athletes have actual power. Not merely moral power, but the social and economic power to stall a system dependent on their labor and compliance. This inspired so many disgusted with the status quo in college sports.

But for some in the Jefferson City, Missouri, Capitol building, it was not an inspiration. It was a crime.

Missouri’s elected officials want legislation to ensure that any scholarship athlete who exercises their collective voice, is rewarded with a flayed future. In the newly proposed House Bill 1743, State Representative Rick Brattin, is bringing the phrase “shut up and play” to the level of a law that calls for “any scholarship athlete who refuses to play for a reason unrelated to health, shall have his or her scholarship revoked.” In other words, future actions like the ones of the Mizzou players will be criminalized.

The writer of the article omits the obvious. Football is a privilege. Many athletes want to play, and they are happy to JUST PLAY. When an athlete accepts that scholarship, he or she is agreeing to play a sport, not make political statements. They are free to protest AS STUDENTS, but not athletes!

I hope the legislation demands that these football players forfeit their scholarships, then reimburse the university for refusal to play.

The other fallacy is that students are not heard. Really? These big babies have SAFE ZONES, for goodness sake! I’d say they are being over-heard. College is not daycare, or at least it’s not supposed to be.

I am no protector of wackademia, as I believe the whole system needs to be dismantled. Ironically, the situation at Mizzou is a perfect example as to why. It is liberalism spiraling in on itself. Soon it will be the media, then entertainment, and ultimately government, all liberal strongholds, destined to be toppled by their own ideology.

The only “plantation politics” being played is how Liberals are sissifying and babying blacks to such a degree, that the black culture has been rendered practically useless. Shut Up And Play would require athletes to focus on their educations and their athleticism. What’s wrong with that!




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