The Real Reason Why Bill Clinton’s House Was Targeted

Who in their right mind would want to hurt the Clintons?

If you believe the press, Hillary Clinton is the next King of America, and Bill Clinton was the best president ever. So why would somebody try to burn down Bill’s childhood home?

The story as reported in the New York Daily News,

An early morning fire at former President Bill Clinton’s birthplace in Hope, Arkansas, is being investigated as arson, according to officials.

Fire broke out at the William J. Clinton Birthplace, designated as a National Historic Site, around 3:20 a.m. Friday, according to police.

I have a few theories as to what happened.

  • The family members of the 47 people the Clintons have killed might have put out a hit?
  • Clinton’s racist brother Roger set the fire to collect insurance money, and he likely pointed the finger at a couple of Negroes in the area.
  • OR,  the home was attacked, because some crackpot thought Hillary Clinton might be in there.

Come to think of it, I bet the press never reports all the attacks on the Clinton’s multi-million dollar homes. You know that one or two of those Bill Clinton-scorned paramours has thrown a match onto the Royal Clinton Manors at some point.

The story of the fire continues,

Hope Fire Department Chief Dale Glanton said his department will investigate the incident as arson, rather than an accident.

“There’s just evidence and signs that we do believe it was intentionally set,” Glanton told KSLA-TV.

“It will be investigated and handled as a potential arson fire.”

The fire damaged the back wall of the east side of the home and spread through the second floor, as well as causing smoke and water damage inside.

They say the building, owned by Clinton’s grandparents, is operated and maintained by the National Parks Service. But don’t be surprised one day to find out that The Clinton Foundation owns it, and is using it to launder money.

As the news reported of the structure,

“This is a very important structure and house inside the city of Hope,” said Glanton. “It’s got a lot of historical value to it.”



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