Reality Show: Black Prison Dads

Here’s some spin by the Fed, by way of the CDC. These were the people who injected black men with syphilis in order to study the disease. I guess the government was all out of lab monkeys?

Anyway in the latest attempt to spin a story, the CDC reports that black men are incredible dads. If they had said black Conservative men, then I would be less skeptical.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Black men are at least as involved in the lives of their children as fathers of other races, and in many cases, much more involved. There were variables, but that was the conclusion. The report actually said that black men were more “hands on”, than many other ethnicity.

I put about as much credibility in this report as I do the declaration by Obama that Muslims played a key role in the building of America.

This study supposedly dispels the stereotype of the “absentee black father,” as the study would have reported anomalies with blacks versus other cultures. But there is bad news for the Leftist trying sell this drivel.

One, it’s difficult being a father from prison.

And two, if black men are not in prison, far too many are unemployed or at least “under-employed.”

Finally three; there is the bigger statistic, and that is the number of single parent black families surpassed two-parent households quite some time back. The latest statistics calculate that 72 percent of black children are being raised by a single parent.

So exactly how “hands on” can a man be with his children if he is in prison, or not living with the children? One could argue that due to unemployment rates among black men, they do have more time to spend with children during the day, than most men.

One story I read on this asked this question”

Gee, it kinda makes you wonder if all those years of media portrayal of black guys as deadbeat dads was part of some bigger agenda to dis-empower black people and instill a self-fulfilling negative self-image in the minds of young black men?

To answer the obvious Liberal who asked the question, creating and raising children is a choice. The statistics speak for themselves, as do the behaviors that lead to some of the worst black teen circumstances in history. I don’t blame the teens, I blame the parents, and particularly these glorious black fathers the CDC wants to exalt.

These children live in war zones, and have far too few black male role models. The ones they do have are constantly teaching these children to be victims. And the government provides a “report” that condones the behavior of black men? Does this story talk about the multitude of black men with more than five children before they are 30? Does it report about the men who have over 10 children by multiple mothers? How much time are these three men who have fathered 76 children by 48 different women spending with their children?

What’s next for the government, to lie to make black Liberal men feel good about bad behavior? Likely the Fed will bankroll a show called “Prison Dads,” and attempt to make it appear that parenting from prison is the latest fad.




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