Sam’s Club CEO: Just Another Vile Racist

CEO Rosalind Brewer told a story to CNN’s Poppy Harlow about meeting some suppliers, where she was upset that they were all white males. She didn’t like that, and it guided her decisions on dealing with them.

Brewer is a black female. Instead of simply being proud of her achievement that she apparently earned simply by being a conscientious worker, Brewer believes that others shouldn’t have to put in the effort. As she put it, she likes to ‘nudge’ Sam’s Club suppliers to get them to hire more token minorities. That’s better than challenging the black community (and other minority groups) to work hard and earn the good jobs.

At least we know that Sam’s is not about the best product, but the group who shows up with the most diverse sales staff. It won’t take long for that company to be a remnant of what Sam Walton had, when he started it.

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