San Bernardino Shooter Was Radicalized

CNN reported that the San Bernardino shooter was apparently radicalized.

“San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook was in touch over the phone and via social media with more than one international terrorism subject who the FBI were already investigating, law enforcement officials said.”

Surprised? A young Muslim practitioner of Islam, the religion of peace was radicalized. The fact is when you find a young Muslim man who isn’t a radical, that is the anomaly.  I know what we are being told, which is the overwhelming number of Muslims are not radicals. Perhaps. But they certainly condone the radical ones with their silence.

Muslims have had thousands of years to reign in their radicals. America stopped Democrats from enslaving blacks in a few hundred years, so you’d think radical Islam would be gone by now.

The proliferation of radical Islam is in full force. Europe and other parts of the world have ushered in radical Islam, as the Muslims realized that these politically correct Liberal enablers are ripe for the picking. These idiots call obvious acts of Muslim terrorism, work-place violence, attacks of the mentally disturbed, or simply attacks unrelated to Islam.

In an ABC interview on November 12 that ISIS was “contained.” The next day the Paris attacks occurred.Then there was the further reassurance by America’s Muslim in Chief, as Obama told CBS in an interview days before the San Bernadino attack that he was confident that the U.S. was safe from a Paris-style attack.

Obama’s desperate attempt to downplay the threat of ISIS and his refusal to say the words “radical Islamic Terrorism” is proof either of his delusion or collusion. We reported  that back in February of this year FBI Director James Comey commented that young Muslim men being radicalized in all 50 states.

Given all the radical Islamic terrorism happening on practically all continents, save Antarctica, Obama gallivants around the world claiming climate change is partially responsible for international terrorism. ISIS is in indeed the JV, but JV stands for Joint Venture.

The idea that the San Bernadino shooter was radicalized is truly funny. To practice the “religion” of Islam is to be radicalized, because sane people don’t commit the atrocities of the Muslims, nor do they condone it.

The people being radicalized are the people willing to believe that Islam is the religion of peace, and that Muslims are not intentionally placing their terror cells all over the world.

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