This Stunt Backfires on Girl

In what many #BlackLivesMatter people will see as “poetic justice,” this girls blackface stunt backfired big time.

I’m all for making fun of “color,” as I believe color is not off limits. It’s part of our culture from a long time ago, and things like this show us that race can still be funny. And in this case what was to be a joke is REALLY funny.

Farrah Marshall of Pinellas Park, the internet trending #DontJudgeChallenge. The teenager attemped to do the challenge by painting her face in black face, and I can only guess get people to comment on her “blackness” only to find out that she’s white.

Marshall used a Sharpie permanent black marker and colored her entire face pitch-black. When she tried to wash the marker off of her face, she found out shy Sharpies are considered “permanent” markers, as the color would not fade. Talk about taking Dolezal to the Nth degree. Marshall is now blacker than Miles Davis.

She dialed 911 and was rushed to Northside Hospital. According to Marshall’s mother, Sarah, she will have to undergo skin graft surgery, removing skin from her back and buttocks to replace the skin on her face.

“It’s truly a tragedy. Now her face is black forever all because of a stupid challenge. I hope kids learn from her mistake” says Sarah.

Farrah’s face will be “all about that bass,” if they take most of the skin from her butt. Or will they call her “Butta face?”

As with all stupid things Liberal, a GoFundMe account has been set up by Farrah’s mother to get other people bail out her daughter and pay for her stupidity. Unfortunately, Farrah’s insurance doesn’t cover stupidity. Ironically, even ObamaCare doesn’t cover this stupidity, though one might expect it to next year.



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