Terror Group Boko Haram Reached A Milestone Liberals Can Appreciate

Boko Haram has staged 100 attacks. That’s an actual headline in the NY Times.

The New York Times reported this story like it was the 100th episode of Seinfeld, and Boko Haram was having a wrap party!

How does one of the world’s worst terrorist groups celebrate its 100th attack? Let’s see.


First, they should hire a gay party planner named Geoffrey. And Geoffrey would make suggestions for the party like,

“Now go with me here, Ahmed. Picture ‘burning American flags as our theme.’ Next, we will place ‘Up with Jihad’ signs all over, so we have a festive mood, and our backdrop is ‘Kill the Infidel’ where we will do the photoshoot…Did I say ‘shoot?’ Oops!”

I can see the Soup Nazi saying, “NO CHRISTIANITY FOR YOU!”



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