Third-Grade Girl Suspended for Offending Teacher With Joy

UPDATE: This story has been proven to be a hoax. The Left has nothing better to do, except play games with serious subject. The punk who set this up, does so professionally to make sites and authors look bad. Because we are not “media,” but an opinion site, we don’t have the staff to investigate all aspects of these stories. The fact remains that there is a war on Christianity, and no matter how much the Left deceives with their petty BS, we will continue to expose them. Because we are not embarrassed when we comment on hoaxes, I choose to leave my post up.

My response to the Liberal hoaxes post:

The “War on Christianity” wages on in America by Leftist of all types, and this latest incident is incredible. A third-grade girl was suspended from school for a week for wishing her teacher “Merry Christmas.”

In some schools you can hit a teacher and only get detention, but God forbid you actually mention anything related to Christianity, and the Left cracks down on you like you were importing sex slaves with heroin in their stomachs.

It seems as though this has become a competition among lunatics and morons over who can take political correctness the lowest. The most disturbing part is the school district, Westview Elementary School, actually backed the teacher and put, in part, this message on their website:

“PLEASE, lets learn from this horrible act and not let the holiday spirit be ruined by the few that confuse church and state.”

As if a third grade student is versed in the Constitutional provisions of church and state? The school is located in San Francisco, the very same sanctuary city where Kate Steinle was shot to death by an illegal immigrant who had been deported 5 times. It appears the city is also a sanctuary for emotionally disturbed school teachers and administrators.

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The 8-year old student, Samantha Dawson, was in the school cafeteria having lunch with her friends when she was suddenly hauled down to the principal’s office. It was then she was told of her suspension. The thin-skinned teacher’s feelings were hurt and he wanted Samantha suspended, as reported by CBS News:

“Dawson’s teacher, 37-year-old Paul Horner who is an outspoken Atheist, was offended at the students display of Christmas spirit and had staff suspend the young girl for the rest of the week.”

Understandably, the girl’s mother, Laura Dawson was irate over the suspension, as she told CBS:

“’You don’t traumatize a child who loves to go to school, who wanted to be early every day to school, you don’t make her cry, just for wishing someone Merry Christmas,’ she told reporters, holding back tears. ‘You just don’t do it.’”

CBS reporters caught up to the teacher as he was leaving the school. He told them:

“’I warned the children not to bring religion into my classroom,’ Horner said. “Maybe Samantha will listen to adults next time.’”

Can you imagine a Muslim student being suspended after wishing a teacher “Happy Eid Mubark” during Ramadan, or a Jewish student for saying “Happy Hanukkah?” I just cannot imagine it happening. The outcry from those communities would make Westview Elementary School fold like a cheap suit.

As Christians and AMERICANS we need to converge on this school with the wrath of God! How dare they do this to a child. That teacher and principal should be FIRED!

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