Trump’s Temperament

The 2016 presidential election cycle continues to be like nothing anyone has ever seen. Most conventional wisdom regarding the candidates has been tossed on its head many times over, and we are still weeks away from the Iowa caucus.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested (yet), and then there is Donald Trump. Trump continues to defy every political rule, yet he maintains his lead in the polls.

We are still very early in the process, and a few of the other candidates are now taking swipes at Trump. The hits will keep coming and with more intensity. Can Trump handle it?

Donald Trump got people’s attention early on when he stated that if he was not treated “fairly” he may consider running as an Independent which would hand the election to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on a silver platter. This in turn got the attention of GOP Chairman Reince Preibus who met with Trump and reassured him that he would indeed be treated fairly. But being treated fairly by the Republican Party and being treated fairly by individual candidates are two very different things.

With the advent of social and alternative media, presidential campaigns have steadily become nastier in what is deemed “negative ads.” Recently during an interview, Trump was asked about negative ads put out by other candidates. Trump was vague about any negative ads put out by his own campaign, but went on to imply that there could possibly be legal ramifications for any attack ads aimed at him.

Despite the threat, Trump will have negative ads against him, and most can be based on truth. Trump has proven to be a childish, when it comes to his attacks, as he demonstrated with Carly Fiorina, who wasn’t even really a threat. Then Trump went after Dr. Ben Carson in one of the most boorish displays in campaign history, as he mocked Carson’s description of his attempt to stab somebody in his youth. And the list of Trump nonsense grows weekly, it seems.

Trump is an easy mark. He’s easy to rile, and you can bet he will respond by acting either like a 3-year old throwing a tantrum or a spoiled teenager. Whether Trump supporters realize it or not, you can bet the Democrats do. They know how to bait him, and they are salivating at the chance.

The good news is that Trump still has time to change. He can show a more grown-up approach to responding to his naysayers, and perhaps win over a few more voters. But if Trump believes he’s immune to the attacks, then he’s about to find out that politics is a blood sport.

The presidency requires a temperament, if one is to be successful. America is witnessing how an insecure fraud handles it. We don’t need an egotistical adolescent to take his place.

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