Why The Left Is Rallying Around the Hillary Debate Dump

Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about anybody but Hillary Clinton. Bill and Chelsea are just decorations, as well. The Left know this this about Hillary, but like Obama, they are invested in failure.

And when it comes to Hillary, it pays to be on guard. Hillary Clinton has people who will kill you.

This is why the Left is rallying around Hillary Clinton’s rudeness. Who comes back to a debate lectern late on national TV. Only a would-be queen. As Jeffrey Lord of American Spectator wrote:

This morning I appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary for her bathroom behavior. He was receiving some criticism for going after her on this — and afterwards, but of course, the Hillary apologists at Media Matters were scandalized at my response, as seen here.

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, a moderator of CNN GOP debates, is the author of a Hillary bio aptly titled The Queen and nothing captured Hillary’s “the rules don’t apply to me” attitude better than the simple basics of that bathroom break.

The disingenuous Left will never admit that what Hillary Clinton did was crass. That’s what Hillary does well…crass. The boys can wait on their queen. The nation will wait on its queen.

Hillary’s coronation is a bit premature. Let’s make sure Hillary knows that her career in politics will soon be over. There’s a spot for her at The Clinton Foundation.

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