This Billionaire Looms in the Minds of Democrats

Bernie Sanders must explain

For Democrats who are used to buying elections, having two billionaires in the race for the presidency is bad news.

The Democrats had it all figured out. It was to be Jeb “Robot” Bush versus Hillary ‘I’ll Give You Everything” Clinton.

Bernie Sanders was to make Hillary Clinton actually appear likable and sane, and the Republicans were supposed to drop like flies over Jeb Bush’s massive war chest.

And a funny think happened on the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as a billionaire entered the fray, and a possibly a second billionaire could.


The Democrats are contemplating scenarios of the bigger billionaire, and the one who would create the biggest problem for them, Michael Bloomberg.

Discussing a Bloomberg run on MSNBC, Clinton declared that (because they’re friends), Bloomberg would only run if she didn’t get the nomination.

That’s a little late for him to decide now isn’t it, Hillary?

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The bigger proclamation was that Clinton actually thinks she has FRIENDS! Hillary’s “friend” is the one who is floating the idea of running. And then there is Crazy Uncle Bernie railing about oligarchies.

Yeah, and the Republicans are in disarray, right?


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