Black Democrats Have a Serious Problem With Hillary Clinton

Garland Nixon, a black Democrat recently wrote a scathing condemnation of the Democrats, specifically Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and Hillary Clinton.

Talk about misogyny in full effect, if it weren’t for blackness trumping womanhood for the time being.

Nixon writes,

Let me be clear about my position. I will support the Democratic nominee in November of 2016. The stakes for immigrants, people who have difficulty affording health care, and those of us who believe that Citizens United must be overturned are simply too high to allow a Republican to run our Country and select the next several Supreme Court Justices. That being said, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and Hillary Clinton are seriously hurting our chances to keep the White House.

The evidence is growing that the Democratic Party’s two most powerful women conspired to rig the debate schedule in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Unsure of her ability to hold her own in a debate, Hillary’s camp apparently worked with the DNC to mitigate her weakness by manipulating the number of debates and scheduling the few they were forced to have during times that would minimize viewers.At a time when Americans on all sides of the isle distrust the economic and political system, the Democratic National Committee has unambiguously joined the ranks of those who not only wield enormous power, but have no qualms about using that power to game the system.

Take note fractured Conservatives and Republicans, that despite knowing that the DNC is offering up an inferior product, and colluding to make Hillary Clinton the only choice, Nixon will support the ticket. So what they are scoundrels.


And why does the man who wants more immigrants to enjoy ObamaCare say as to why he dislikes these women?

As a progressive, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been one of my least favorite Democrats for some time. Her right wing positions on marijuana legalization and President Obama’s Iran Deal are clear indicators that she is completely out of touch with the Democratic base. A cursory look into Hillary’s positions on marijuana and Iran shows that she is far to the right of the base on both issues but pretty much aligned with the DNC Chair.

He wants legal dope, and for the sake of all things black, why won’t this Jew lady let Obama give the bomb to Iran!!

To each his own as to why he has disdain for these women. Speaking of women, he has this to say about Hillary droning on about women’s issues:

Additionally, as a Black person, her use of female identity politics quite frankly gives me the creeps. I can’t imagine Barack Obama imploring voters to support him because we need a Black man in the White House or Bernie Sanders pumping his fist to the crowds reminding them that “it’s time for a Jew.” Hillary and her number one supporter at the DNC apparently have decided that the Democratic Party should treat every candidate fairly as long as their name rhymes with Billary Flinton. The key to winning a political contest is always based on turning out your base. Hillary and D.W-S. Are infuriating and alienating their base and I fear it may come back to haunt the party, if not the entire nation.

Thankfully Obama didn’t pull the RACE CARD!

But it’s what he says next that absolutely warmed my Republican-supporting Conservative heart:

The GOP base’s revolt against their establishment candidates and the Democratic base’s semi-revolt against the entitled class in our party are indicators that Americans as a whole are through with accepting candidates that are wholly owned subsidiaries of Wall Street and the billionaire class. We are witnessing a nationwide rejection of a government that has become merely an extension of corporate power that is unfortunately accompanied by a resurgence of right wing racism and nationalism. I only hope that Hillary and her DNC surrogate don’t, through their greed and recklessness, hand the levers of power over to the worst possible elements in this Country.

That’s right, my fellow Conservative Republicans, we have revolted. The Left has taken notice that we won’t stand by as our party is infiltrated with RINOs. We stand for truth, unlike the Leftists, like Nixon himself, who will support the Democrats no matter what. Who cares if Hillary Clinton connived her way into the White House. Who cares if she doesn’t keep any promises except to promote the lazy doctrines of “progressivism,” as that’s enough for the Left.

The fact is, if Republicans were to take a moment and seize the day on what’s happening, we could influence a few Democrats. It may appear that we are far away, but we are not. We just need to state our case. Selling a fair system versus a rigged system shouldn’t be all that difficult, should it?


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