Many Blacks Will Be Pushed Out by Refugee Resettlement

Minority groups who have enjoyed the benefits of affirmative action for years may have a little more competition headed their way in the form of refugees.

This group of refugees, especially the ones leaving their country for “free money”  is not only being given deferential treatment by the leftist administration and establishment Republicans, but now big corporations and billionaire CEOs are climbing on board too.

Apparently at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland the CEO of the Boise, Idaho based Chobani Yogurt Factory, Hamdi Ulukaya is pushing for as many refugees as possible to be employed throughout the globe.

He happens to be a Kurdish Muslim from Turkey who started the successful yogurt business several years ago.


According to an article by Leo Hohmann,  Ulukaya plans to,

”…call on other CEOs to join his campaign to throw corporate cash, lobbying initiatives, services and jobs to refugees.”

The article goes on to explain,

”Six companies have already taken him up on the idea. Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Western Union and UPS have all agreed to hire more refugees or provide free services to them.”

Ulukaya’s idea to help the refugees gain an upper hand against Americans came to him after he visited refugee camps in Turkey and Greece, and came away sympathetic to their plight. He decided to use his influence, to the tune of $2 million dollars, by a donation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, (UNHCR).

The UNHCR refers 95% of our refugees to the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration. Understand that the UNHCR refers mostly Muslim refugees for our acceptance, which appears like a conflict of interest.

Ulukaya wrote a piece for an op-ed in which he talked about starting a foundation called the Tent, for the express purpose of helping other refugees get ahead in the job market. He stated,

“The Tent Pledge asks companies all over the world to step up and do more. We’re asking them to provide refugees with job training, employment opportunities, and the kind of direct assistance that experts have identified as a priority – everything from blankets and water, to debit cards and Internet access…”

It’s one thing to help out those in need, but this whole Refugee Resettlement program has morphed into some monster human trafficking business purposing to supply corporations with cheap labor, while punishing regular Americans.

That punishment comes in the way of higher taxes, fewer jobs, an overburdened healthcare systems, a compromised public education systems, higher crime rates, and a decrease in overall public safety. This is omitting the fact of threats to our national security that assuredly follows an increase in Muslim immigrants.

The minorities who have depended upon many government programs in this country should understand that the days of getting a job or being admitted into a college may not be as easy in the future. It appears we are entering into the Era of the Refugee, where all the doors will be open to those immigrating from other nations and cultures.

However humanitarian the Chobani king believes himself to be, he will only weaken the very country where he experienced freedom to prosper. The more Muslim refugees we admit, the weaker we become as a nation, and the higher the incidence of jihad on our soil. Call me a bigot, but that is a fact.

While Boise, Idaho and other cities continue to become less American and more multi-cultural, the residents will be the ones to suffer.

Incidentally, hundreds of thousands of immigrants are now set to arrive this year as the dems voted to block Rep. Paul Ryan’s pathetic Safe Act. What has happened in Europe with the migration invasion will happen here unless Americans rise up, and for starters make a change in this rogue administration. We cannot tolerate another Congress or president like the ones we have now.

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