So, Can We Arrest Hillary Now?

Well, it’s finally happened. The State Department has determined emails stored on Hillary Clinton’s private server above Top Secret and deemed them too sensitive to disclose. And… that’s it, that’s all you need to know right there. This is a long time coming. Long overdue, in fact.

Anyone who has handled classified material in the course of their profession should have been steaming mad up until now at the flagrant elitism on display. For the last year every worker drone in the military and intelligence community has had to watch living proof that the rules, the ones supposedly in place for the protection of our entire nation, evidently didn’t apply to a certain few the way it did to them.

A spokesman for Clinton’s campaign did attempt to muddy the water, calling the move, “overclassification run amok.” That’s the rub here. At the time they were on her private server they didn’t bear the classification markings, or they had lesser ones, because they hadn’t been formally classified yet. However, once again the lowliest analyst at any of our intelligence agencies couldn’t imagine trying to pull that excuse while attempting to explain sensitive communications on their private serv- Oh, right. They wouldn’t even contemplate doing that. Unless they were planning something treasonous.

Intelligence handlers know they must abide by certain protocols. For example, even if data they know to be classified is leaked and made public somewhere else, they still are not to confirm it. Another example is when handling raw data not yet reviewed for the appropriate classification level always assume the highest possible classification. The people sifting through ISIS’s porn streaming history observe these protocols. But one of the primary targets for foreign vulnerability exploitation did something that, quite frankly, boggles the mind. Who would ever think this was a good idea.

Since the State Department made this announcement, for the first time, one can have a little fun and get a little conspiracy theory-ish with it. Bernie Sanders is on record for both caring and not caring about Hillary’s emails. A slightly lesser known story earlier this week was that he visited with Obama at the White House. Some described the meeting as awkward because while Obama hasn’t endorsed a candidate for the nomination, he recently made remarks that were interpreted as an informal endorsement of Clinton.

But was that really the case with their meeting? They get together, and then a couple of days later Obama’s State Department kneecaps Hillary Clinton. Coincidence?

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